Time Bomb

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The Big Time

Gunn steps off the elevator in a hoodie. Yay! He enters his office sees a couple of giant piles of paperwork on his desk.

Wesley is talking to his magic reference book, looking for information on the Old Ones, when Gunn enters. Wesley's desk and floor are covered with papers and open books, and Wesley's hair is mussed, and...well, how about I just sum it up: he looks batshit crazy. Wesley looks at Gunn with some confusion as he hurries across the room to get a book. On his way back to his desk he pauses, and notes, "I stabbed you. I should apologize for that. But I'm honestly not sure how." He looks uncomfortable and finally says, "I think it'll just be awkward." Gunn says he doesn't need an apology, and might not accept one if it was offered. He adds that the stabbing doesn't seem so bad after having his heart ripped out daily for two weeks. Wesley briefly stops spinning his eyes around like pinwheels to ask what Gunn wants. Gunn sighs, "A compass, maybe? The thing that killed my friend saved my life. No one knows why. This place just went Poseidon on my ass -- I don't know which way is up." Wesley gets up from the desk again and agrees, "Everything is...a bit odd," and punctuates that with a big hand wave that cracks me up. Wesley creeps around the office peering at the books, and we can now see that he's not wearing shoes. He cheerily says that they have to adjust to "things." Like Illyria, for instance. His voice sinks as he says, "You can't look at her without seeing...." He pauses, then grins as he continues, "Her body's previous owner." Gunn looks sad, and Wesley goes on spookily to say, "We look so tiny to her." Gunn asks if they have some way of controlling Illyria, and Wesley laughs at the idea while reading a scroll. Wesley says, "She still thinks she's the god-king of the universe," and then taps his watch and listens to it. I did that a lot during this episode myself. Gunn asks, "So she's like a TV star?" Wesley says, "No, nothing that bad." Zing! He adds that Illyria is "a bit more violent, though."

Illyria punches Spicule down in the, um, sparring room? Whatever it is. It's nice that they set up a special room just for pummeling Spicule. I'll bet Angel requested it way before Illyria turned up. I think Illyria's forehead is bluer than it used to be. It'd be neat if the blue were spreading. But it's probably just slightly inconsistent makeup. Oh well. Anyway, they fight, and then Illyria says ponderous things, and then Spicule quips, and then they fight some more. Spicule has gotten better at dodging her blows, and Illyria says that he's adapting, and then sneers, "Adaptation is compromise!" She goes on about how she was a god and people suck and all that. So bored with it. So is Spicule, since he rushes at her, and she waves her hand so that he slows down. As he soars slowly through the air, she walks around him to the other side of the room. I hadn't noticed that her bootleg pants give her cute anime feet. Eventually, Spicule lands, time speeds up again, and Illyria, of course, knocks him into a wall. Which is when we can spot Angel watching from the observation booth. Angel calls on an intercom and asks Spicule to step outside for a chat. Illyria agrees that Spicule can go.

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