Time Bomb

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The Big Time

"Not anymore," Hamilton interjects as he steps into the conference room. Hamilton says that in the process of rescuing Gunn, Illyria destroyed eleven torture units along with "two troop carriers, an ice-cream truck, and eight beautifully maintained lawns." Heh. But she destroyed an ice-cream truck? She truly is evil. Hamilton says that the costs for all the damage will come out of this division's profits. Oh no! Nobody cares, including the characters. Moving on, Hamilton tells Gunn that he'll be getting a new case, and adds, "It's good to see you again, by the way." Angel says that they have other priorities, but Hamilton lectures Angel about how he should think about profits., still don't care. Hamilton concludes, "It's a business, boys, not a bat-cave," and exits. Cary turns to the others and says, "I still like him better than Eve."

Wesley's sitting on the floor of his office when Illyria enters for a quick chat about what day it is. I think it's several days since this episode started, if that helps. Illyria says that they've had this conversation before, and that Wesley is her guide. She looms over him and adds, "You're my betrayer," and expositions that Wesley thought smashing the Orlon Window would bring Fred back. Wesley gets up while bitterly adding, "Instead, I brought back more painful memories." He admits that if all had gone as planned, he'd have destroyed Illyria, but that wasn't his primary goal. Then Wesley peers at Illyria and asks if his betrayal pains her. Illyria sniffs, "'Betrayal' was a neutral word in my day," and goes on like that before concluding, "Perhaps I am only bothered before I am bothered." Wesley figures she's almost as nonsensical as a real human being, hooray! Illyria rants about how pitiful humans are, and Wesley waggles a finger at her and says, "Now, now. Manners."

Gunn enters Angel's office with the new file from Hamilton. The MoG have to witness a pact involving some demons. Angel asks about Hamilton's little "Good to see you again" comment from their meeting. Gunn explains that Hamilton tried to make a deal with him while he was in suburb-hell. Angel quietly asks, "And what'd you say?" Gunn wonders if Angel really has to ask him that. Angel doesn't blink, and says, "I really do." Ouch. Poor Gunn. Gunn says he turned Hamilton down, and adds that he doesn't intend to make any more deals. Angel says that'll make lawyering tricky. Gunn rambles about "making business go smoothly for a bunch of hideous, scaly, evil clients." Naturally, that's when a wholesome, pregnant blonde steps into the office and announces that she's there about the pact.

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