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The Big Time

The blonde is named Amanda, and is played by Jamie Bergman. Mrs. Boreanaz if you're nasty. She's very Darla-esque. Maybe it's the pregnancy-bump. Anyway, she explains that a group called the Fell Brethren had a prophecy about a Holy One, and her kid-to-be is it. (Nautilus!) She adds, "They've been really supportive. They're always bringing me special shakes and vitamins." Gunn says that demonic pacts should be treated with caution: "As our client, we have to advise you to --" "She's not your client," a demon interrupts. There are actually three demons in the doorway, with wrinkly faces and nondescript black cloaks. The lead demon concludes, "We are."

Illyria non sequiturs, "It doesn't exist until it cracks apart." Wesley's poring over his books again, and doesn't bother looking up as he asks what she's going on about. Even Wesley's getting bored by her. That's a bad sign. Maybe that's what this apocalypse is about: instead of destroying the world, the Senior Partners are trying to bore it to death. And the MoG are playing right into their hands! Oh no! Anyway, Illyria answers, "Time." Now Wesley does look up, as he says that Illyria doesn't look so good. Illyria snarks in response, and then twitches, knocks a glass of water over, and bends over, clutching her stomach.

Illyria straightens up again in the Spicule-sparring room. Wesley is startled to see her, and we see that he's holding a gigantic gun that looks like it would transform into a totally awesome robot. Angel says, "Wes, do it now!" and rushes for Illyria. Illyria clutches her stomach again.

Illyria is in the observation booth, gasping for breath. Spicule chirps that he "got her winded, at least," and calls her "little Siva," which, hee. Illyria looks around, confused. The nice thing about this is that I can cut & paste half the recap. And yet, I can't escape the feeling that there was a mix-up with the scripts, and that Keckler should be recapping this.

Commercials. Johanna and I discuss Wesley's arrival in Loony-Land. I say, "The weird thing is, now he's kind of likable this way. He's not such an ass when he's completely insane." Johanna says Wesley reminds her of Gollum. I agree, and wonder if that's why he seems more likable to me. Then I suggest that he should express his new attitude by only shaving one side of his face.

We return to Angel and Spicule looking at Illyria in the observation room. She has another cramp, and she's back in Wesley's office. She glares at Wesley and says, "You tried to murder me." Illyria suddenly shoves the desk forward, which pins Wesley up against the window frame, and then adds, "Again!" Wesley insists that he doesn't want Illyria to die. Illyria says that she already saw it, and stomps off in a huff.

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