Time Bomb

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The Big Time

They all enter the Spicule-sparring room, but Illyria's not there. Cary, surprised, says that he didn't see her leave. Okay, I guess Cary hasn't seen Illyria open portals and mess with time, but surely he's aware she can do it, right? They all look around, and Spicule says, "That's the problem, you don't always see her when --" And then he explodes into dust, and we see Illyria standing behind him holding a stake. Hang on, let me watch that again. Heh. Okay, then Illyria gets a cramp and is delayed briefly. Wesley is startled to see her, and raises his gigantic gun. Angel says, "Wes, do it now!" and rushes for Illyria. Illyria does this amazing high-kick that catches Angel in the head, and while I'm sure she didn't actually hit him, it sure does look like Amy Acker got her foot up that high, which I find impressive. Angel gets knocked across the room, and then Illyria throws the stake, which goes straight through Wesley's chest. Wesley falls down dead and -- yeah, just let me rewind that, too. Whee! As Wesley falls, Illyria does something unpleasant to Cary. I think she might just punch through him. Yuck. She turns and pulls an axe off the wall as Angel vamps out and leaps for her. Illyria knocks Angel's block off, and his head turns to dust just as it hits the wall. Gee, I'm glad Gunn wasn't there. Okay, that was cool, and I know they were just going for shock after shock so that we wouldn't really have time to do anything but gasp, but it was almost too fast to process. And this way we're left with the commercials to realize that all of that's going to be undone. I think they should have gone to commercials with Spicule's death. Because then people would spend the commercial break either buying it, or figuring, "Yeah, but they'll stop her and undo it with the time traveling," and then it would be even more surprising if we came back and watched her kill off the others.

Commercials. Johanna says, "Angel deserved to die for knocking Cary's hat off." Which seems a little harsh. Then she asks if the remaining episodes will be about Illyria, Gunn, and Harmony having wacky adventures, and I say, "Yes." She didn't believe me, obviously, but I think we'd both be okay with that concept.

When we return, we pan over the bodies and up to Illyria. Who is suddenly stricken by another cramp.

The blue timestamp demon walks past Angel and Illyria in the hallway. Illyria blusters about plankton, and Angel has things, Illyria lifts him off the floor, "Get your damn hands off of me!" And then the background morphs.

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