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In the conference room, Angel shoves Royce around and demands to know where Nina is. Royce gibbers, "If I tell you -- this man, he's not like you. You're a good guy, but he's...well, no offense, but he's scarier than you!" Angel vamps out and asks, "Wanna bet?"

Fred looks at the Polaroids, "ew"s, and suggests burning them. We never do find out what's on them, but I guess the idea is that Royce was being blackmailed. Or else I really have no idea why this scene was here. Wesley eyes the knife. Gunn has had the insight to look at the papers, and shows one to the others while saying, "You're not gonna believe this."

Fred, Wesley, and Gunn hurry toward Angel's office. Angel steps out and says he knows where Nina is. Fred shows him the paper and says, "It's what they plan to do to her." Angel looks at it and says, "It's a menu." Oh my gosh, they're...going to buy her dinner? Well, I guess it could be an evil dinner.

Cut to Nina, gagged and draped in a sheet, lying on a gurney. Surrounded with garnishes. Heh. She's wheeled out into a room full of applauding diners. That gag doesn't look very secure -- she could spit that right out if she tried. She gets some kale in her hair as she looks around and moans. Tee hee. She's also held to the table with steel cuffs, by the way. Not-Richard-Schiff thanks his guests for coming, and says that moonrise is in fifteen minutes. "Shortly thereafter...dinner will be served. But first, enjoy these important commercial messages."

When we return, Not-Richard-Schiff is pontificating about the last time he dined on werewolf, and how "the cocinera used an understated mole sauce to bring out the meat's tanginess. I've never forgotten that exquisite burst of taste." He adds that Nina will be served "with a light drizzle of white truffle oil." Yum? Is it a restaurant, or is he just a show-off? And I see the trend of not introducing the villain until late in the episode is continuing. Interesting.

There's a knock at the door, and a goon peeps through a little window and sees Royce. When he opens the door, he's promptly punched by Gunn, who enters with Angel, Wesley, and Royce. Why isn't Fred there? Oh, that's right; she's a girl. Gunn says, "I'm all up in the law now, but damn it feels good to get my violence on." Aw. So it is a restaurant, then, and Angel doesn't need an invitation? I guess the menu could have also been an invitation, actually, since it opened up like a formal dinner party invitation. I have to fixate on these little details to remain conscious. Royce says that "Crane's not gonna like this," helpfully providing Not-Richard-Schiff with a name. Gunn tells Royce that he'd better hope that Nina's alive. Wesley says, "She has to be -- at least through dinner. Once a werewolf dies, it reverts to its human state." Gunn confirms that they're planning to eat her alive. How does that even work? I mean, once you cut a hunk off, wouldn't it stop being were-flesh? And does this mean they're eating her raw? And is there something wrong with me if I think that's the ookiest part? Crane suddenly pops up and observes that Royce brought guests. He's sort of suave. I like him. Also, behind him the chef is standing over Nina and sharpening a knife. Hee. See, I think this would have been a lot better if they'd gone completely silly with it instead of trying to tug on our heartstrings. Angel quips, and Gunn cocks a shotgun. I just thought of something. Maybe Angel's quips are coded signals to the rest of the MoG. Like, if it's a pun, that means "break left," and threats mean "rescue the helpless victim" and stuff like that. Wesley has a pistol to Royce's back, and then Angel slams a dish into the chef's face. Wow, that wasn't much of a fight at all. Angel pulls the gag out of Nina's mouth and moans, "Jeez, they garnished you?" while sweeping the kale away from her head. Heh. Nina immediately says, "Get away! Just let them choke on me!" Angel grabs a heavy candlestick and uses it to smash open one of the cuffs. Stainless steel ain't what it used to be. He tells Nina that she'll be home tomorrow. Nina sobs that she can't go back home, and that this is better. Angel grunts, "Nothing better about ending up in a doggy bag."

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