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As Nina walks over, Jill and Amanda look up at her. Jill rushes up and says, "Why were you getting out of that beautiful car? That's the sort of car that would make me want to watch a television show. Oh no -- I knew it, you're one of those expensive call girls I hear about on Lifetime!" Except she doesn't do that because the miracle of heartwarming pop music on the soundtrack dispels all family tensions. I swear to you, they cue up Ryan Adams, and everything is fine. Jill eyes Nina ruefully and gives her a great big ol' hug. Angel watches as Nina presses Amanda straight into her breasts. Yikes. Angel drives away.

It's night again as the MoG join Angel in his penthouse apartment. They stare out the window like they've never been in a tall building before. Fred asks, "Is that the hotel?" and it takes me a second to realize that she's asking about the Hyperion. Oh, now I'm depressed. Wesley says, "No, I think that's the Center for Scientology." Which is funny, except the hotel didn't look like -- "They look nothing alike at all," Fred says. Okay, that was scary. Gunn says he thought they'd never see Angel's swinging bachelor pad. Angel apologizes for not inviting them up sooner. Were they always hanging out in Angel's room at the Hyperion? It just seems odd that they'd even care. Wait, I made a note over here that I look at when I get confused. It says, "It's a different show with the same actors." Oh yeah, now I remember. Cary spots a bar in one corner, steps over to it, and says, "Look at this. I'm home!" Heh. He offers cosmopolitans to everyone, and they go on admiring the place until Gunn asks about "Crane's Bistro of the Bizarre." Angel says that they're out of business. Oh. So then, what happened to Royce? Is this still the same day, or is it six months later? Angel has more of those gigantic blocky chairs. The entire building was furnished by Rent-A-Center. You'd think that Cary would take one look around this place, squeal in horror, and say, "Oh Angelbuns, no wonder you've been so crabby if you're waking up in this every day. This is an unusual level of self-torture, even for you." It's just so sterile. Stanley Kubrick would find it alienating. Fred bops over with a menu and asks who wants Chinese food. Cary tells her to order "the usual." There's a lot of patter and stuff that seems intended to make us think, "Aw, look, they're all a bunch of friends." But since they haven't ever all been a bunch of friends at the same time like this, it's just bizarre and alienating and extremely forced. Like, for instance, Gunn asks Angel, "Werewolf girl. Think you got a shot?" Because he thinks it would be nice if Angel had a girlfriend, and not, say, extraordinarily dangerous. Angel says, "She gave me a look," because he's a swinging single guy with a horribly depressing apartment, and Wesley acts intrigued, but not at all worried, and Ryan Adams strums his guitar, and Fred orders food, and everybody's smiling and peaceful, and I wonder if they've all been replaced by robots just like...well, other people.

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