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Oh, and Fred's order consists of "one moo shu chicken, two beef and broccoli, one cashew shrimp, maybe some lettuce wrap..." Why would you order two of the same dish? Order different stuff and share! See, clearly this is all a put-on because they think Angel's apartment is bugged, right? Phew, then it all makes sense after all.

Next time, Fred gets a shower scene, and Spicule gets nekkid. Joy. I was on the phone with Johanna during the ad, and it's important at this time to know that she's really easy to spook. I'm not allowed to explain why, exactly, because we've reached some kind of mutually assured destruction level of embarrassing stories about each other. So anyway, the promo went like this:

[Announcer talking about Spicule]
[Spooky singing in ad]
[Creepy dark shots of Spicule wandering the building]
Johanna: Oh no! That's horrible!
Strega: I know! It really is!
[Shot of nekkid Spicule, and also spooky things]
Johanna: Why are they doing that?
Strega: Because they are evil.
Johanna: It's awful! I can't watch that!
Strega: Believe me, I know how you feel!
Johanna: No, I really mean it. And why did you have to mention The Blair Witch Project last week? Do you hate me?
Strega: ...Wait, so you aren't just talking about Spicule?

Took us a few minutes to sort it all out. So yeah, next week Johanna will probably be traumatized, and I might be, too, but for different reasons.

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