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Fred's working in her office. Spicule steps inside through the closed door, because he's a ghost, and immediately gets peeved because Fred isn't making his problem her top priority. He snits, "I'm a bloody phantom. And you and your serious-girl spectacles were gonna help me with my bloody little problem." Fred says that she "bloody will." She mentions having some ideas, and Spicule yaps, "Really? What? What ideas?" He says that the disappearances are getting worse, and lasting for longer periods. Fred asks, "How long?" Not long enough, obviously. Can anyone explain to me why she cares? All she knows is that he's the yappy ghost of a vampire with a soul, and that Angel doesn't like him. He's not offering to do anything for them; he just keeps insisting that they have to help, and gets pissy when he's not the center of their universe. He says, "If you don't do something soon, one of these times, I may not come back." And then their problem is solved. Next? Fred suggests asking Wesley for help. Spicule nixes that, claiming that they have a history. Johanna thought that Fred should have said, "You used to date?" Ominous music starts up as Spicule says, "He was a young Watcher, fresh out of the academy, when we crossed paths. It was a, what-you-call, battle of wills. And blood was spilled. Vendettas were sworn. It was a whole..." Fred interrupts, "You're so full of crap." Thank heavens. I was terrified for a minute there. Spicule says that he doesn't want anyone else to know about his "condition." They know he's a ghost; they know he vanishes sometimes. What's the secret? Maybe he doesn't want them to know that he's going to hell, because then they might think, "Well, perhaps you deserve to." Fred heads for the door while explaining that she will try to help him, but right now the were-girl is a bigger priority.

Cut to the lab, where Fred and Wesley are fussing over computers while Angel just fusses. He's whining that, despite Wolfram & Hart's resources, they still haven't found any leads on the girl. Suddenly, Spicule says, "Bloody shame, letting the girl run off like that. Somebody's slipping." Angel ignores Spicule, and I follow his lead. Wesley says, "Psychics are working on traces of the girl's blood. They picked up images -- imprints." He shows Angel a blurry image of a bedroom. Angel asks if they can make it clearer, but Wesley says it isn't like a photograph. So then, what's the point of doing it? In a corner of the room, McManus's body is being examined by John Billingsley as Dr. Royce. Wesley introduces Royce as "the cryptozoologist on [his] staff." Why would he be on Wesley's staff, and not Fred's? What exactly is Wesley's department, anyway? Oh well. Royce says that McManus was a rare breed of werewolf, which is intended to placate people who wonder why these werewolves aren't exactly like Oz, as if "he looked like a monkey" isn't a good enough reason. Royce goes on about the differences among the breeds, and Angel says he just cares about the girl. Spicule says the girl is "in the kill-or-be-killed club." Shut up, Spicule. He doesn't, though: "Catch her after she goes all growly, won't be easy taking her out. I had a wee spat with a werewolf myself once. Fought for over an hour. Brutal, vicious. Almost lost my --" Fred interrupts: "Angel killed him with a pen." Ha.

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