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Amanda is sketching Nina's portrait. The noise of the pencil on the paper starts bothering Nina, and she suddenly looks ill. She says she needs to lie down, and goes upstairs, holding her arms out to steady herself so that we can admire her cleavage. That's foreshadowing, as it turns out.

Nina walks into her bedroom, closes the door, and collapses onto the floor. Amanda hears the noise and starts upstairs as Nina begins to thrash about. Oh, an innocent, angelic child in danger! It's like a Spielberg film! As Amanda nears the door, calling for her aunt, Nina sits up and does a little tribute to An American Werewolf in London, holding her hand up to her face as her fingers and teeth lengthen.

Commercials. Johanna and I try to understand if they intend to make Spicule incredibly pointless and annoying, or if they think his ceaseless bitchery is actually intended as refreshing and honest and charming or whatever. God knows I was tired of the guy on Buffy, but at least he never reminded me of a Pomeranian over there. I think it's because he so clearly has nothing to do, and no way to do it, so they've just got him talking and talking and talking. Johanna declares that they should just give up on trying to gradually work him into the gang organically, or whatever they're doing, because it's just torture. Start next week's episode with a title card that says, "Then Spicule became corporeal and joined the MoG" and move the hell on already.

Full moon. Nina's all wolfed out and twitching on the floor. Amanda is still calling for her, and starts to reach for the doorknob. Nina stands up and growls. I really think it would have been worth making a second mask with its mouth closed. Suddenly, Angel speaks from the window, saying, "Hey doggie, come and get it." Nina turns and lunges for the window, and she and Angel fall to the ground outside.

Angel and Nina tussle briefly, but then several tranquilizer darts are fired into Nina's chest, and she topples. Angel turns to Wesley, holding the tranq gun, and says, "Nice shot." They look back at the house.

Amanda enters the empty bedroom and looks around.

Moon-vert to sunrise. Nina, dewolfed, wakes up naked in a cell. We have a chance to admire a lot of skin before she gasps, "Oh, God," and quickly grabs a pile of clothes that were left just outside the cage.

Once she's dressed, Angel enters the room, but it looks like he was standing just outside and watching her get dressed through a little window in the door. Perv. He opens the cell, introduces himself, and tries to reassure her that she's safe. Nina nervously says that's great, and then tries to rush past him. Angel grabs her as she freaks out and screams for help. Angel says, "That's what I'm trying to do, Nina." Nina replies, "Said the psychorapist. How do you know my name?" Johanna points out that the captions were slightly ahead of the dialogue here, so it read as if Nina said, "Said the psycho-rapist," and then Angel replied, "How do you know my name?" Hee. Angel says he wants to show her something. And then he starts to unbuckle his belt. Ew! Not really. He would never cheat on the amulet.

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