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At Wolfram & Hart, Royce is singing "Jessie's Girl" for Cary. Cary gives Angel a thumbs-up, and Angel steps from the conference room into his office. There, Wesley expositions that Cary has read the security team, the lab staff, and half of Wesley's department. Angel figures that someone at Wolfram & Hart was working with the ninja who kidnapped Nina. Fred says the ninja were highly organized: "Almost military." Wesley in-jokes, "An underground monster-hunting military organization. It's happened before." Fred blames herself for opening the van door. Because if she hadn't done that, they would have escaped? Eh? Gunn says he hears enough second-guessing from Spicule, which causes Fred to wonder where Spicule is. Well, it's nearly five o'clock, so per his schedule, he's probably harassing the group in Mergers and Acquisitions. Fred's fretting is interrupted when Royce enters with a list of wolf-napping suspects: "There's the sacrificers, wackos who want to rid the world of abominations, and werewolf packs looking for new recruits. Then there's the paranormal sporting groups." Fred spots a semi-transparent Spicule walking through the lobby, and excuses herself to follow him.

Spicule walks around a corner while Fred calls after him to stop. He turns and marches through a wall. Fred opens the door next to the wall he passed through, and enters. Spicule walks through the office, through a desk, and through another wall. Fred, still calling to him, follows him all the way to the wall like she thought maybe she could go through it, too. Instead, she knocks over a trash can. As she starts cleaning up the mess she made, she tells herself that it was as if Spicule couldn't hear her. Oh my freaking God, I know! I saw the whole thing! And it just happened. If you honestly think the audience is so stupid that we can't remember something five seconds after it happened, why are you even trying to tell a story here? Why not just flash pretty pictures at us until the nurse comes in to wipe the drool from our chins? Jesus. As Fred picks up the trash, she sees a small glass vial. Then Royce enters, asking, "Were you looking for me?" Fred apologizes, and explains that she was following Spicule. She edges behind Royce as she blathers on, and suddenly conks him over the head with a lamp.

And suddenly Gunn and Wesley are also in Royce's office, and several hours have passed because it's dark outside. Wesley is holding the vial up and examining it prior to declaring, "You're right. It's Calendula." He's acting like he can tell that just from the traces still in the vial. I suspect he was just reading the label. Which is also how Fred knew what it was. Fred expositions that Royce used Calendula to "block" Cary's reading. She says, "It's like taking a valium to pass a polygraph test. I knew as soon as I saw the vial in the trash can." See, the label says "Calendula." Which blocks Cary's aura-reading abilities. Gunn is going through Royce's desk as they jabber, and asks Fred why she was looking through Royce's trash. Fred thoughtfully says that Spicule led her into the office. Gunn finds a false bottom in a drawer, and opens it to reveal some Polaroid photos, papers, a calculator, and a knife. I assume it's an evil calculator.

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