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We All Live In A Nazi Submarine

Angel returns to the engine room and congratulates Lawson on fixing the engines. Lawson's all snide now because he's evil, I guess. He asks why they're surfacing, and Angel explains that the crew needs air. Lawson says that the crew was willing to die for their country, adding, "Besides, I'm hungry." He swings at Angel, but Angel twists Lawson's arm (literally) and says, "You're new at this. I'm not. Let's take a walk."

The sub surfaces. Spinelli opens the outer hatch, and then moves to join the crew at one end of the compartment. Lawson eyes the crew and tells Angel, "They look smaller." Angel says that it's eight hours until sunrise, and twenty miles to land. Lawson figures he might make it, and starts up the ladder. Angel stops Lawson and says, "I'm sorry for what happened, but if I ever see you again, I'm gonna have to kill you." Exit Lawson. Spicule chuckles, and explains what's happening for the slow people for the audience, and then tells Angel, "You're still a dick." Angel replies Spicule, "Yeah, I am," and then looks at the ladder significantly. Spicule grumbles and goes up the ladder and out the hatch. Johanna says that it makes her very happy when people say "dick" on network television, and then reminisces about the first time it happened. Which involved Lindsey, oddly enough.

Present-day Lawson asks whether the government at least tortured Angel when he returned with the sub. Angel says they didn't have a chance to: "Jumped ship off the coast of Maine. Went underground till the war was over." Lawson calls Angel a coward, which is about as pathetic a rejoinder as Lawson could have. I don't know, it would help if I sympathized with Lawson, but he's so shrill and stupid that I really can't. Angel says he didn't want to do it, but Lawson says that the captured sub helped the war effort: "One person damned to make the world safe for future generations." Angel says that killing the MoG won't change what happened. Lawson: "But it'll hurt you. Maybe that's enough." Angel doesn't think it will be, and asks if being evil isn't keeping Lawson busy. Lawson goes off on another tirade about how he just hasn't enjoyed being evil. He asks, "Is it me, Chief? Or does everyone you sired feel this way?" Angel says he didn't sire anyone else after he had a soul. Lawson asks, "Do I have one, too?" Angel says, "I don't think it works that way, son." Lawson nods and then attacks Angel. After a little fighting, Angel gets between Lawson and the MoG. Lawson goes on with his weirdo theory, saying, "You gave me just enough, didn't you? Enough of your soul to keep me trapped between who I was and who I should be." I'm ignoring this idea because it's stupid. I think Lawson didn't like being a vampire because he's just a whiny, over-analytical guy. Some people just aren't cut out for the lifestyle, you know? More fighting. Angel throws Lawson through that section of window that's always getting broken. Lawson picks up a convenient stake-shaped bit of the window frame and tries to attack. Angel grabs Lawson's arm and slowly turns the stake back toward Lawson's chest. Lawson says, "Come on, Chief. Give me a mission." Angel drives the stake home. Poof. So it's like a Connor parallel, but without any point. I mean, they're not commenting on anything about Connor, they're just rehashing it for some reason. Bleah.

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