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We begin by panning down over a cross and candles. Some of the candles are knocked down when, off-screen, Angel breaks down yet another door. He, Gunn, and Wesley enter the church, or whatever it is. Hey, Angel's wearing the hoodie again! Which I still find disconcerting, but it's preferable to the untucked shirts, so yay. Oh, and there's Fred, looking at a gadget and nattering in that way of hers until she finally bothers to look up and sees the pile o' nuns arranged in a ritual fashion on the floor. Fred gasps, "Oh, God," and Wesley replies, "I think God is out at the moment," and I wonder if they're trying to make me like Wesley. Gunn expositions that they're chasing a client named Greenway who was charged with racketeering. Angel shares his new plan: "I find Greenway and I kill every inch of him." I guess he's particularly angry because Greenway is copying his nun-slaying shtick. Wesley says that the holy carnage was part of a spell, and that Greenway has hopped into another dimension to hide. Fred starts to explain that she can't track beings into other dimensions, and Angel gets fed up. He snaps, "I can't do this anymore." Gunn asks what he means. They keep telling us how smart Gunn is, and yet he can't understand a simple declarative sentence. Angel grumps, "I quit," and leaves.

Pan up to a satellite cityscape, and across Los Angeles, and into a hospital ward. Tattoo-vert of Angel getting impaled. We zip into a room, and Cordy suddenly gasps and opens her eyes.

Credits. A few days before this episode aired, I was having lunch with Johanna, and all of a sudden she asked, "Is Cordelia gonna die?" I was so startled that my reaction was to practically shout, "Nooooo! Why would you think that?" and the only way it could have been less convincing is if I'd gone on to say, "I mean, maybe, because I sure wouldn't tell you if she was going to die, which she totally isn't, not at all! ...Um, Cordelia who?" Man. It was rather embarrassing. So of course Johanna knew I was lying, and I knew she knew I was lying, but I think it was her own fault for asking out of the blue like that. Or for asking at all, honestly, but if she'd led up to it, I could have handled it a little more smoothly. I think.

It's the next day, and Angel's telling the rest of the MoG that he's had enough of Wolfram & Hart. Which confuses me, because Angel's the only one who can't leave, right? I mean, there have to be consequences for Connor if Angel quits. Or am I giving Wolfram & Hart too much credit? Gunn pretty much asks my question for me, because we're kindred spirits: "You think the Senior Partners are just gonna let us breeze on out the door?" Angel asks if Gunn's worried about the consequences, and snarks, "Or is it that you just don't wanna leave?" Gunn admits that he doesn't, and insists that they're doing the right thing by working there. A phone call interrupts the argument. Angel answers, and his reaction to the call attracts the MoGs' attention. Angel says, "Cordelia."

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