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Cut to Wesley doing an incantation. As Wesley chants in Latin, Fred gives him a look of total, inexplicable lust. Wesley says, "I think I can feel it working." Fred doesn't actually say, "So can I," but she doesn't need to. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't so out of nowhere. She gets moist for Latin? What?

Lindsey's tattoos finish melting, and he says, "Oh, damn." Which is pretty funny. Angel says, "I think the Senior Partners would like a word," and once again, he has psychic powers, because a swirly portal opens above Lindsey. Lindsey glances up and suddenly looks really hot in a way I can't explain as he chuckles, "You don't think they're angry, do ya?" And then he's sucked up into the portal and vanishes.

Eve is escorted to the elevator. Angel has changed his shirt, and tucked it in, and unbuttoned it to coordinate with Cordelia, which is sweet of him. Eve threatens Angel with revenge, Angel threatens Eve with the Senior Partners, and the elevator doors close. Cary suggests getting a drink, and Harmony complains, "I kept begging Eve to run, but...." Gunn suggests that they go to the Cat & Fiddle, and Wesley agrees, and then says to Angel, "Unless, of course, you're busy packing." Because what's changed since Angel got discouraged by working at Wolfram & Hart? Oh, right: nothing at all. I don't understand. And yet, Angel cheerily agrees to join the frivolity, and says he'll go get his coat. The others get into the elevator, and Cordy says that she and Angel will catch up. She adds, "Wesley, you still work the best mojo in town." Well, it is just Los Angeles.

Oh. God. Okay, Angel is putting his jacket on in his office. Cordy asks if he feels good, and Angel says he does, but that he feels bad about it: "All I did was beat up a tiny Texan." Cordy says, "You know how you're always trying to save every single person in the world? Did it ever occur to you that you were one of them?" Angel allows that it didn't. He goes on to say that Lindsey's bizarre schemes made him doubt himself, but now he's full of confidence again, which is just about incomprehensible unless you remember that Angel isn't very bright. He says, "Whatever's coming, I feel like we can beat it." Cordy agrees, "I just needed you to know it, too." She says that Angel will win in the end, and adds, "I just wish I could be there to see it." Oh oh oh. Angel stands up and looks flummoxed as Cordy says that she has to go. He actually looks amusingly bewildered as Cordy tells him to pass on her goodbyes to the MoG. Angel says he needs Cordy, and then Cordy's eyes start to glisten as she begs, "Don't make this hard, Angel." This is one of the scenes where I would really, really like it if I could see both their faces at the same time. Because they're both killing me individually, and if I could see them both together, I could get the pathetic emotional breakdown over and done with that much sooner. Cordy says, "The Powers That Be owed me one, and I didn't waste it. I got my guy back on track." Angel starts to protest, but Cordy strokes his gigantic face and says, "We take what we can get, champ, and we do our best with it." Charisma Carpenter breaks my dried-up walnut of a heart when she backs away and sniffs, "I'll be seeing you." But when she gets to the door, she mutters, "What the hell," and rushes back over to kiss Angel. Aw. I don't really get it, but they had one of the few relationships on either show that I actually bought. The phone rings, and Angel tries to ignore it, but Cordy insists, "That? You have to get." She sniffles as Angel goes to answer the phone, then says, "Oh. And you're welcome!" Her eyes in this whole scene just kill me. Christ.

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