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Angel picks up the phone and says, "I know, she's -- That's impossible, she's standing right --" He turns, but Cordy's gone. Then, for all my bitchery, there's a long shot of Angel standing alone in a big empty space, and letting the phone fall to his chest, and ow. Looking totally lost, he pulls the phone up and says, "I'm sorry, yeah? When did she die? Did she, um...." He looks around, and...damn. I cannot believe I feel this bad because of David Boreanaz. When did this happen? Angel repeats, "She never did wake up?" He hangs up, and stares around the room, and says, as quietly as possible, "Thank you." What makes it even worse is that now Angel's going to have to call the MoG, who are getting all jolly and drunk, and tell them that Cordy's dead. That sucks. On the bright side, if there's any justice, a few weeks from now Cordy's ghost will inexplicably materialize in Italy and start bugging the hell out of Buffy.

When the show is over I call Johanna, who mocks me for being such a bad liar, and then the promo for next week comes up, and I start shouting, "Oh! Oh! Look!" because I know some of the spoilers. Hearing "America and the Nazis at war" in the promo does attract attention, I'll grant, because: fuck you, rest of the world. And then there's a shot of Spike with dark hair in some kind of Gestapo outfit, and I'll get back to you when Johanna stops screaming "What the hell is going on?" I'm pretty sure someone on the Angel staff lost a bet. Or maybe everyone did.

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