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Commercials. Johanna asks if Cordy is going to leave at the end of the episode and then die in a helicopter crash. "They do have a helicopter," she points out.

Angel arrives home from the office, and Cordelia trots out from the kitchen with a martini for him, and says that the casserole will be ready in ten minutes and the Mendelsohns are coming over for bridge the next day and every so often I like to just keep typing until I trail off into nothingness as a Zen exercise. Well, really, I know that I'm going to turn into a sap soon and I'm trying to delay things. Angel walks into his bedroom and finds Cordy watching Doyle's commercial for Angel Investigations. This is not the part that makes me into a sap, by the way. As Doyle gets to "So don't lose hope," Cordy sees Angel lurking in the doorway and stops the tape. She apologizes for snooping, and explains that she found the tape. Angel brushes it off uncomfortably, and then sits down with his back to Cordy and confesses that he hasn't watched the tape in a long time. Cordy wistfully says, "First soldier down...." She says that she was angry at Doyle at the time, adding, "He knew. Knew what he had to do. He didn't compromise. Used his last breath to make sure you'd keep fighting. I get that now." Angel seems to take the word "compromise" as a dig, and starts to explain that he had reasons for taking the job at Wolfram & Hart. Cordy jumps up and insists that Angel's been seduced by money and cars and a spectacular view that she is briefly distracted by. She starts waggling her finger as she says there's no possible excuse for all this, but Angel interrupts: "Connor." He explains that the MoG don't remember Connor because the Senior Partners altered reality to give Connor a decent life. Cordy looks gobsmacked as Angel says that nobody remembers Connor except him, and Cordy, "and Eve, for some reason." Cordy snaps that Angel let Wolfram & Hart "rape the memories of [his] friends." Angel sighs, "He was gonna kill you. And himself. He was so torn up." He says that Connor is happy now, and goes back to insisting unconvincingly that they're all having a fine time at Wolfram & Hart. Cordy snaps that she doesn't buy that, and neither do TPTB: "They know you slipped the track, and they want me to help put you back on it." Angel grumbles that the Powers don't care about him, and whines that Spicule is their champion now. Cordy double-takes. We're also getting a lot of the actors talking directly into the camera. I want to see both Angel and Cordy in the same shot. I want to see one person saying his lines, and the other person reacting to those lines, without jumping back and forth. I'll try to get over it, but Jesus, it's frustrating. Angel explains that Spicule got a soul and saved the world. Cordy boggles, "What frickin' Bizarro World did I wake up in?"

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