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The sap starts here. Angel sits down heavily and moans, "I'm sorry," while Cordy rails, "I naturally assumed [that] you'd be lost without me, but this?" Angel looks at her and calmly says, "I am lost without you." Oh. Oh, poor sad Angel. Cordy more kindly says, "You just forgot who you are," and Angel sounds even more desperate when he says, "Remind me." This scene is why all this week I've been calling Johanna and starting conversations off with "Poor sad Angel." I'm not going to be able to give up complaining about the direction, but as far as the writing goes, this is so smart. Putting something that emotionally naked right after Cordy's joke makes it so affecting, because you don't expect it. And, okay, the "lost without you" is a cheesy line when you read it, but he says with such a matter-of-fact tone that it works really well. Everything that was ridiculous about the tearful sniveling on Buffy is absent; Angel's just sad. Oh. Poor sad Angel. And poor, poor sappy me.

Cordy says she can't tell Angel who he is, and then, oddly, calls him "Bubba." Maybe she can't tell him who he is because she forgot his name? She offers to tell him who he was, though: "A guy who always fought his hardest for what was right, even when he couldn't remember why, even when he was miserable, which was, let's face it, a not-small-portion of the time." She says that Angel had "a light, a glimmer," and my sap is quickly settling back down to its normal level with stuff like that, which is probably for the best. Cordy concludes, "That's the guy I fell in l-- the, um, the guy I knew." Angel stares at her so mournfully and, oh, lord, stop it, or I'm going to have to start writing for Television With Heaps of Pity, and that'll be embarrassing for everyone. Cordy sits down and says that if she sees the guy she used to know around, she might believe him. Angel sits back and looks away as he sighs, "Let me know if you do." Oh. This scene is turning me into a schizophrenic. And it's Boreanaz, and he's really doing a good job this week and I feel sorry for him and I don't understand anything anymore. Help me. Cordy awkwardly tries to ask if Angel ever wonders what would have happened if they had met up at Point Dume as planned. "All the time," Angel says. Cordy guesses that they missed their moment, and Angel hoarsely says, "Maybe we were meant to. Maybe people like us just don't get to...have that." Cordy ambiguously whispers, "There are no people like us."

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