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Cut to Lindsey, walking along a corridor at Wolfram & Hart. He's wearing coveralls and uses a security card to get into a maintenance room. Oh, he's disguised as a handyman! Ha! Sorry. Inside, he heads down some mood-lit stairs, and enters a room covered with pretty green lasers. He's hosting a rave in the basement of Wolfram & Hart? Okay, so they're supposed to be part of some overly goofy security system, fine. Lindsey eyes the lasers for a minute, and then calmly strides through them with no problem. He pauses to wave at a security camera. Lindsey, don't taunt the technology. He smirks and walks on.

Cut to a tech-demon doing something with an electronic gizmo. Well, the actor's face has the demon makeup, but his hands are perfectly normal. Which I wouldn't have noticed if we hadn't started with a close-up on his hands. Grr. Anyway, the freakish human-handed demon is jolted, and coughs up a little blood before collapsing. Lindsey takes a knife and pries a gem out of the demon's throat.

Cordy strolls through the hallways upstairs, grumbling, "This is like a rat maze...complete with rats," as her cleavage attracts some attention from a suit. Cordy stops and does an arm-flap of being lost, and turns back. Then she sees Spicule walking toward her from the other end of the hallway. Cordy smirks, "Heard you weren't evil anymore, which kinda makes the hair silly." Spicule vamps out, and Cordy squeals as he shoves her against a wall and bites her.

Commercials. Johanna says, "Cordy makes everyone else better." But she said the same thing about Giles when he came back. Later, we decide that it may be the same effect that Faith had on people, and that it's not anything in particular about the actors; it's just that the regular cast might find a comparatively new face invigorating. Like,"Oh! Cool! I'm not sick to death of you!" Then Johanna asks if Cordy will die as a result of an ice-cream-related car accident.

When we return, Angel knocks Spicule off Cordelia and starts punching. Spicule kicks Angel somewhere we can't see, but it looks kind of lame, like he kicked Angel's shin. Maybe this is the fight scene Marsters was talking about when he mentioned sucking at a fight in some interview I read. Then Spicule gets Angel in a headlock, growling, "You took me on and lost, remember, old man?" and there are a lot of ridiculous things there in the dialogue and in the silly headlock. The biggest one being that Angel bothers putting up with it for a second before he breaks away through the simple device of just standing up, which flips Spicule to the floor. Angel says that Spicule's dead if he touches Cordy again. Spicule insists that Cordy's evil. Cordy interjects, "I thought he had a soul!" Spicule replies, "I thought she didn't." Cordy says she does have a soul, Spicule says he does too, and Cordy sniffs, "Well, clearly mine's better." Heh. Angel threatens Spicule some more, and finally Spicule starts to explain that it was a "taste test," because his source said that Cordy was evil. He confesses that Cordelia didn't taste evil: "Demons are more astringent." Angel asks about Spicule's source. Spicule says that there's this guy who gets visions, and claimed that Cordy was possessed by a demon. Cordy says that's last year's news, and Spicule sighs, "Looks like tattoo-boy was wrong this time." The mention of tattoos catches Cordy's attention, and Angel asks what this guy's name is. Thank goodness. I thought we were going to go another scene or two with Spicule referring to "my landlord" and "the pirate" and "my new best friend" and so on. Spicule says that his name is Doyle. Angel and Cordy stare.

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