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Wilson Flips
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The camera zooms into, over and under Manhattan, landing in a crowded subway car being patrolled by a New York cop and a long-haired busker. A young woman angrily moves away from a dude in a blue hoodie, who tries to follow. The cop asks her if she's okay, taking her by the arm. The shot goes yellow as she pushes him away, leading to a chain reaction that instantly escalates from a guy spilling his coffee to everyone on the car beating on each other while the young woman cowers on the floor. The train screams through the stations without stopping. In the melee, someone grabs the cop's gun and, after a short struggle, shoots him in the head. The moral being, I guess, avoid the express train.

At the Alphas HQ, Gary is whining to Bill some more about that persistent hum he was complaining about last week. Apparently Bill had the cell phone company shut down the tower across the street, but now that it's back on and Gary wants Bill to just shoot it. Bill sends Gary out of the room without so much as a grenade.

Gary's next visit is to Nina, who also refuses to Push anyone into helping him out. Their conversation is interrupted by Cameron's bouncy baseball from all the way down the hall, which he's sending through the corridors and back while arguing with his ex about getting to spend time with their kid. Dr. Rosen finds Rachel in the midst of an aromatherapy session, which tells him her folks are bringing her down again. But at least she has the stones to interrupt him while he's lecturing her about being more assertive. Cameron's stray bouncy-ball interrupts again, and Rosen finds him frustratedly hanging up on his ex. Rosen tries to calm Cameron down, but all Cameron does is throw the ball out of his office again, this time breaking what (according to Gary) is his third window. Rosen makes a calm observation about stress, which is fortunately interrupted by a cell phone call. Yay, they got Callum Keith Rennie back, so it's Agent Don Wilson, calling from the back of a limo. "Hope you got your Metrocard," he tells Rosen. Then we get a look at the inside of the bloody subway car before anyone else does. And that's all that happens before the first commercial break. Riveted yet?

During the ads, the crime scene folks have finally managed to show up at the subway. So have Rosen and Nina, who has apparently been Pushing a cop that vouches for the dead officer. Bill shows up, grumpy as usual, and while he leads them over to Gary, he says the now-recovered rioters are all completely confused as to what happened. While Gary chatters uselessly, Bill goes over to the cops at the cordon to get them to let Cameron in, and bitches at him for leaving the crime scene. Which makes Bill look like a dick and lets Cameron make a lame donut joke. Win-win.

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