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Three Faces Of Dawn
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Team Willow is having a collective conniption, after the bloodbath that was Operation Graystone. Now they've lost Nestor and the holoband is still inside. They fight well into the night, afraid to go home. Nestor keeps the mainframes in their fishtanks, so they don't overheat. They can come to the computers and figure something out. Even without the avatar program, they still have to do something. Don't they? Gara Singh approaches, like a thief in the night, scaring the daylights out of them until he tells them his true name: Arvo, the confessor.

"We'll be wearing these heart monitors in the arena," Olaf explains once they're home. "When the explosion cuts the circuits, the avatars will automatically upload into the Heaven construct." Which might work, if the Graystones don't blow their spot with the demo they've got on the holoband. Singh doesn't care if the GDD notices he's rerouted anything with the keywords Graystone and Atlas Arena to his phone: He'll be well offworld by the time the game begins.

Clarice suggests that he go ahead and murder the Graystones before he leaves, since she couldn't quite manage it -- between her love of Amanda, Daniel's insane conversion speech, and the attack by a giant robot -- but he tells her to chill and stop telling him how to do his job. "I have 4,712 agents who would throw themselves under a bus if I commanded it. The world believes Zoë Graystone blew up the Maglev train. Well, it turns out she was taking orders from her parents." Clarice is impressed. It's an uncomfortable look on her.

Daniel's got all of Graystone cleaning up the place, logging and scrubbing and reconfiguring; Cyrus doesn't want to call the cops until the lawyers arrive. Which ones did he call? Oh, all of them. Cyrus, that sense of humor he's got. Daniel's very touchy when they get close to the robot, of course; the other main thing going on is that he is going entirely after the STO, buying their companies and politicians and lobbies and assets. "I want every toy they own bought, stolen, or smashed." About time you brought the hammer, smartest and richest guy in the Twelve Worlds. Tomas would be proud.

In the dreamhouse Amanda and Zoë try to figure out why the Willows were so all about the holoband, but it's no good. "Whatever it is, original Zoë didn't want me knowing about it. I have these holes in my memory, these gaps. The day I was created, she said that I had a destiny separate from hers. I think she was trying to protect me from whatever she was planning." She gets very nervous and apologetic, this new and darling daughter, but Amanda is terribly sweet with her. "It's just so frustrating, being in this place and having all this power, and then in the real world I'm nothing but some stupid, broken robot?" Amanda holds her new daughter tight, to chase her tears away. "It's not your fault. Sweetheart, without you, your dad and I would be dead. Come on."

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