Are We Gonna Live On Exile Island?!

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Previously: Yau Man dug up the immunity idol and gave new meaning to "kissing the turtle." Then, over at Ravu, Mookie, Alex, and Edgardo also dug up an idol, of which Mookie took custody. They chose not to tell "Dreamz" or Lisi, convinced that the idol was nothing without the element of surprise. Lisi was pretty sure that this hadn't happened. (Those in charge of editing the previouslys even insert Lisi saying her little getting-up-early, cat-like-me thing in, despite the fact that its plot significance is limited, because it's the funniest thing to happen on the show all season.) Lisi went bazoo on Exile Island after her tribe lost on Fiji Dance Fever, and by the time she got home and endured another immunity challenge loss (mostly at the hands of Yau Man), she was ready to go home. Of course, in true Wait Wait Don't Boot Me fashion, she changed her mind at the last second and wanted to stay. By then, however, the opportunity to get rid of her smelled much too delicious, and Lisi was sent home by every one of the guys in her tribe. Fortunately, she won't have to get up early in the morning anymore, because what she's on now isn't that kind of jury duty.

We return to Ravu, a.k.a. Ouch Camp, on Day 22. Edgardo, Mookie, and Alex are hanging around the fire, and Edgardo questions Mookie about the location of the idol. Mookie assures Edgardo that he has the idol in his pocket. And he means that both literally and figuratively, as we learn when Mookie interviews, "The idol I have in my pocket is actually for..." And it's like he's going to say it's for all the guys, but then he goes the other way at the last minute and grins that he's "selfish," and he admits it. The idol is his, not theirs. He does claim that if self-interest means cooperating with an alliance to go farther, that's okay, too, so it's not like he's against the other guys in his alliance; he's just not particularly with them. I was very relieved that Mookie almost immediately started talking about the idol in this really unsentimental way, because if he'd been all "it's for the group, man," that would have been very annoying and disingenuous. Back at the camp powwow, however, Mookie promises the other guys that he would never betray them. And then he adds: "Ever." Good one! That's how they'll know you're telling the truth.

Just then, "Dreamz" returns with an armload of pineapples and a head full of illusions ripe for the shattering. Alex interviews that the reason they aren't telling "Dreamz" about the idol is less that they don't want him to know, and more that, they don't want other people, particularly Cassandra, to know. I think that in their little Stand By Me arrangement, "Dreamz" is the Vern. Unfortunately, the rest of them are arguably all the Teddy. The guys all sit around having a chat about being in the top ten, and then about trying to get to the top four, and you can tell that among other things, this group of guys has, like, nothing to talk about at this point. "Glad we got this far." "Hope we get farther." "Me too." "Yeah." This must be what Toastmasters is like.

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