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Hot Zone 1: Southwest/Northeast

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Hot Zone 1: Southwest/Northeast

Ooh, Cherika! She's a "local TV host." From Minneapolis. With a British accent. She has crazy wooden high heels on with black leather fringe. She's my favorite of the women. Randy say she "has a great spirit," and that she has it "coming all out." Lorenzo gives her a 7.5 for her body! So wrong. She screams a bit in protest. Honey, you don't want to be a woman he likes. He likes nasty blondes. You are way prettier than that.

Randy tells Chi Chi to "hit McDonald's" for some "cheeseburgers," since she's too skinny. Lorenzo tells her not to "skip any more meals." Okay, this competition is so lame. The ones who are skinny get criticized, the ones with a few extra pounds get criticized, the ones who spend too much time in the gym get criticized, and the ones with turkey tans and implants get diamond rings from Lorenzo Lamas. One guy is told to open his mouth, and his lips quiver. The judges keep yelling, "Open, open, close-up on the teeth!" He's probably nervous. It's so humiliating. I don't think he's going to cry, but still.

Okay, finally, the "winners." Or as JD would like us to believe, the moment we have all been waiting for. I have been waiting for the end of this horrible show, so he's right in that regard. The music gets very Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Is that your final swimsuit? For the men, Ken Kim (yay!), Kevin Bessel, Jonathan Webber, and Travis Bulloch. And the women winners are Keri Gentricke, Lisa Pepergurtis, Nicke Kritchner (the future Mrs. Lorenzo Lamas), and Cherika Penny (hooray!).

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