An Innocent Man

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Tied to the Railroad Track

Felicity Smoak (from last week! She's recurring!) stomps into Walter's office late at night to demand why she's being fired. She isn't! He just wants her to look into the details of that 2.6 million dollar transaction. Discreetly, like without his wife finding out. It's weird that she assumed she was being fired because she was summoned to his office in the middle of the night. Some people might imagine an even more sinister motive for a boss to summon a pretty young worker to his office, you know?

A guy in a suit goes out to his flashy convertible when there's a noise. Oops! Dart in your neck! He falls.

Then he wakes up, handcuffed to a railroad track. Oliver's there and calls him Matt Istook. So wait -- Oliver's literally tying people to railroad tracks now? Not only is he not a hero, he's a melodrama villain! Istook calls him "That hood guy" and Oliver says that if Istook doesn't tell him the truth, the 10:10 to Blüdhaven will kill him. If you're curious, Blüdhaven is next to Gotham City. When Dick Grayson gets tired of being Robin, he moves there and operates as Nightwing. Anyway, Istook buckles immediately and offers to give Oliver "the file." Oliver shouts, "Where is it?" Hey, man. The guy's cooperating. You don't really need to shout at him. Oliver vanishes into the darkness so Istook has to panic and shout about where the file is. The answer is: in his desk. At the last second, Oliver shoots the chains with an arrow so Istook can live.

Island. The Native Archer cooks food over a fire, but he smacks Oliver when he tries to get some. Then he uses simple hand gestures to indicate that Oliver should kill the bird in the cage if he wants to eat. Oliver resists the idea.

Laurel at work. The lights go out. So does her computer, which would be really annoying. Oliver gives her the file he stole, saying it has leverage over Brodeur. Laurel has maybe five seconds of ethical problems with using a stolen file. As she looks through it, Oliver vanishes. Shouldn't a lawyer at least try not to use stolen information?

Castle Queen. Thea mocks Oliver for smiling, although he isn't really. Smiling is not this actor's strong suit. He tells her that he's had some success with Laurel. I guess he's talking about how she seems to like his mysterious vigilante persona. Bodyguard Rob walks in the front door and Oliver is a jerk to him, saying, "Rob! You gotta keep up."

Officer Dad comes in to talk to Laurel. Apparently Matt Istook filed a police report about The Hood. That's what we're calling him now. "The Hood." Please make a note of it. Officer Dad does not think it's a coincidence that he gave Laurel Matt Istook's name and then the Hood showed up there. He reminds her that the Hood is a criminal and now she's an accessory. She says she doesn't care about breaking the law. At all! And her father is hurt about her lying about where she got the case.

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