An Innocent Man

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Tied to the Railroad Track

Laurel tells a judge that this new evidence demands a stay of execution. Brodeur's lawyers show up with Brodeur in tow. The judge says it's not a court of justice; it's a court of law, so Laurel's request is denied. Laurel stomps up to Brodeur, who is doing a very ostentatious job of checking his cuffs, and tells him she won't stop until he's caught. That's a good idea! Threaten the guy who you think had a whistle-blower killed! What could go wrong?

Brodeur panics at some guys about how he's in trouble. If not for this murder, at least for the dumping. He's a lot jumpier and frightened than you'd expect for an evil mastermind. The two people he's talking to basically tell him to settle down because they know "people" in Iron Heights that can deal with Laurel. That's the prison from the Flash comic books, and I'm starting to think that they're just throwing in random references. And if they are, what's wrong with Arkham Asylum?

Oliver and Laurel on another rooftop. Or possibly the same one. She says that the legal avenue is out of options unless there's a signed confession from Jason Brodeur. Oliver goes off to get that, because these dummies believe that threatening someone until they confess is definitely going to result in something that will work in a court of law. For that matter, they still haven't really found any reason to believe Peter Declan is innocent. They just decided he must be and set out to threaten and bully people until they get something they can pretend is proof.

Felicity Smoak tells Walter that the money went to something called Tempest, which bought a warehouse in Starling City. This storyline is carefully spaced throughout the episode.

Carly tells Dig to stop moping because his nephew shouldn't lose his uncle too. Dig talks about his brother's killer and about how he hates being a bodyguard. He misses doing useful things with his life.

Jason Brodeur's office. The Hood stands like two feet away from him, pointing an arrow at his chest. He demands that Brodeur write a signed confession that he arranged for the murder of Camille Declan, because a confession made under threat of immediate death is totally legal. Brodeur doesn't want to go to prison and points out that if he gets murdered, there won't be anyone available to exonerate Peter. Then Oliver Queen, our hero, straight-up shoots him through the left hand, pinning it to the wall. Hey! Torture and mutilation! Classy. Brodeur's phone rings, and a mysterious voice tells Brodeur that "it's going down in an hour." Apparently Declan's execution is going to happen more early than planned. Oliver takes off, leaving Brodeur stuck on the wall.

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