An Innocent Man

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Tied to the Railroad Track

Laurel is at another meeting with Peter Declan, who's surprisingly unphased about being denied a last chance at avoiding the death penalty. He didn't really think she had a chance. Outside the prison, Oliver knocks out a guard. Someone bribes another guard, telling him, "It's time to open the cages." The lights go out. So I guess... it's on.

The prison alarm goes off. Laurel is left alone with Declan by guards who need to go get involved in the riot. The guards are immediately stomped. Laurel and Declan run! A prisoner starts to move toward them, saying, "There's Lance." But Oliver is there (dressed as a guard, but wearing a ski mask) to shoot him in the chest with an arrow, so it's okay. Peter, Oliver and Laurel end up in another room where a prisoner starts to choke Laurel. Oliver knocks him off her and starts punching him in the face over and over again. It's a little excessive frankly, and Laurel freaks out at him. Riot guards finally get there and protect Laurel as Oliver strolls out. Good thing nobody noticed his ski mask.

Officer Dad rushes to hug Laurel. Brodeur's bodyguard just confessed to Mrs. Declan's murder, apparently. That's awfully convenient! Laurel tells her father he was right: The Hood is a killer. "He would have killed that man," she says, presumably talking about the guy he was punching, not the guy he shot with an arrow through the chest. Or any of the other people he's killed so far in this series.

Back to the island. Oliver has angst, but kills the bird anyway. "I'm sorry," he says.

The Lances leave. She tells her father that the Hood wasn't in a hood this time. And upon learning that he was in a prison guard uniform and a ski mask, Detective Lance has an idea!

Walter goes to a warehouse door that's protected by a passcode. he tries "TEMPEST," "OLIVER," and "THEA." But the correct code is "ROBERT." And inside the warehouse? The Queen's Gambit! The ship that stranded Oliver on that island and killed Robert Queen! Both halves of it! Which means that someone went and dredged it up. Weird hobby.

Officer Dad and a tech guy. They have the security footage from the Exchange Building shooting. Tech Guy says he scrubbed through it and didn't find anything, but Officer Dad makes him look anyway. Almost immediately, Officer Dad sees stairwell footage that's shows an incredibly clear Oliver Queen pulling a hood and bow and arrow out of a bag. Boy, it's a good thing the camera was pointed at that one landing. And this tech guy is astonishingly bad at his job, huh? It took like ten seconds to find this footage.

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