An Innocent Man

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Tied to the Railroad Track

Out in a park. Peter Declan thanks Laurel. She says he should be thanking "Brodeur's bodyguard Ankov," who flipped on him. He what now? Why did that happen? What are you people talking about? Well, no time to explain! Peter's daughter Izzy is here!

The omnipresent television news says that Jason Brodeur is under arrest for dumping waste, and also for that murder. Oliver crosses off Jason Brodeur's name. Just for getting him arrested? What if he gets off?

Island Oliver eats something. The archer tells him that the word he's been saying the whole episode doesn't mean "bird": it means "survive." Hey, he speaks English! Also, he says Oliver should stop looking at that picture of Laurel and keep his mind on the many poorly-defined dangers of the island.

Moira gets into a limousine. And sits next to John Barrowman! He says they all have reason to be nervous and gives her a sketch of the Hood. He runs down the Hood's recent targets so they can agree, "He's targeting the List."

Dig is at the Castle. Oliver says the new bodyguard just quit. But Dig is here for "the other position." He's not here to be a sidekick. Dig pontificates about how war scrapes off little pieces of your soul and how you need someone to remind you who you are.

And just then! The police barge in and Detective Lance arrests Oliver Queen for several things... "and murder."

Neat! So I guess Oliver's already going to jail for all that archery-related murder and vigilante and parkour he's been doing. It seems like Dig is supposed to go pretend to be the Hood to somehow exonerate him, but people have already seen that the Hood is a white guy. This is probably what Oliver gets for not putting on a mask, right? Anyway, it makes me look forward to the next episode.

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