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Mistrial of the Century

It's time for the trial! Or, well, the opening part of the trial. The charges start with "murder" and wind up with "menacing" and "trespassing." Oliver will be defending himself, which he thinks is fine because he's innocent. I realize he's putting on an act here, but he's a billionaire. To stay in character as a callow fool, he'd still want to hire an army of high-priced lawyers. On the subject of bail, the prosecution points out that the Queens have private jets and billions of dollars, so no amount of bail would really mean anything.

But then: "So then I guess it's a good thing that the people's case is so circumstantial." It's Laurel! She's here to defend Oliver, although she's done no research and has not talked to him ahead of time or learned what evidence the prosecution has. Great! This will go fine. As an alternative to "no bail," Laurel offers home confinement and an ankle device. The judge accepts this and sets bail at fifteen million dollars. Done! Oliver and Laurel have some awkward banter. Laurel tells him show knows he can't be the vigilante, because, "He's actually trying to make a difference. We both know that's not really your style." That's a great defense. Try that. "Your honor, my client is selfish and amoral so he can't possibly be the vigilante who's out killing people."

Now Oliver's in the living room and getting a monitor attached to his ankle. The police officer who's attaching it says that if Oliver goes onto the grass around the estate, he's getting a SWAT team in his face. So Oliver has a prison-themed house party planned! It's going to be Burning Man meets Shawshank Redemption, apparently, which does not sound like a coherent plan. Anyway, this is part of the five minutes per episode where he remembers to pretend to be a partier. Although no sane person would react to being arrested for murder by throwing a giant party.

Laurel and her father argue about Oliver. And also about Sara Lance, because it's important that the show remind us about her every ten minutes. Laurel does not engage on the subject of the evidence because it's more important to accuse her father of being biased than it is to consider the merits of the court case she's supposed to be defending.

Oliver's hanging out in his bedroom with a laptop when Dig comes in. Oliver tells Dig he knew the camera was in the stairwell all along. Getting arrested was all part of the plan. He knew someone would notice the timing involved in him coming back to Starling City right when a showy vigilante murderer started operating. Oliver is smug but uncommunicative through all this as he claims everything was planned but doesn't go into details. What a great guy! It almost makes me forget all those people he's murdered! I'm sorry to keep dwelling on that, but Oliver just hasn't done much to endear himself to me. The show expects me to root for him to get off just because he's the main character.

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