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Mistrial of the Century

Anyway. In addition to everything else, Oliver has a new target: Leo Mueller, a German arms dealer. He just arrived in Starling City and might sell military hardware to the local gangs. So Oliver would like Dig to track Mueller, since Oliver's under house arrest. And how will Dig track Mueller? Oliver answers, "Well, you know us billionaire vigilantes. We do love our toys." Huh. I would have though Dig would use his paramilitary skills.

Dig turns on the lights in the Arrowlair. He pokes at some arrows ("Ow!") and opens some cases. There's a thingy with blinking lights that he seems to find very appealing.

Walter is having another late night in the office. He's called in Josiah, the head of security. Yes, Josiah is aware of the Queen's Gambit, which went down in the North China Sea five years ago. Walter would like the ship moved from its current secret warehouse to... a different secret warehouse.

Laurel and Oliver enter a police station room with Detective Lance and a woman who's willing to consider a plea of insanity, and Oliver declines. Shouldn't he talk to his lawyer about that first? You know, the lawyer he insisted on? Oliver offers to take a polygraph in front of Detective Lance. Laurel would like a minute alone with her jackass client so everyone leaves the room. She says Oliver was offered a gift. Oliver says he'll consider taking the deal if he fails the test. The show realizes the test is inadmissible, so it's having to do a lot of maneuvering to sort of justify its presence. Laurel says he should not think he's the only person with something to lose.

Island. The ninjas have automatic weapons and a tent, into which Oliver is dragged. A pleasant man has Oliver sit on a wooden chair and does the usual "I do apologize for my men's treatment of you" routine that's supposed to make him seem urbane and charming. His name is Edward Fyers. Oliver says who he is and that his family has lots of money. Mr. Fyers is not interested in the huge ransom he could get because he's got this picture of what appears to be a gentleman in the Chinese army. It's the Archer! Oliver tries to claim he doesn't know who it is. But he is not a good liar (which seems like it's supposed to parallel the inevitable scene where he beats the lie detector). Fyers says the island is named "Purgatory" but that he can make it feel like Hell. Fyers leaves and a guy with a half-black-half-white ninja mask comes in. He's got a katana on his back. Look, just Google "Deathstroke." It's that guy.

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