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Mistrial of the Century

Back to modern day. Thea sits on the porch and Oliver (calling her "Speedy") asks her to get a keg moved closer to the house. Then the both of them drop the subject entirely. There are people setting the party up, so they're probably being paid to move the keg. Thea's still whiny about the time Oliver said he'd see her "in a few days" and got shipwrecked and marooned for five years. She really took that personally. She's also thinking he might be the vigilante, since he's been weird and distant since he got back to Starling City. And she points out that he gave her an arrowhead as a souvenir. Also, all the mysterious running around he's been doing. She says, "I can't lose you again."

Moira has been summoned to meet John Barrowman. She assures him that her son is not the vigilante targeting the List. He's not convinced. She says Detective Lance has a vendetta against her family, which also seems to worry John Barrowman.

It's time for the lie detector scene. Oliver answers "Is your name Oliver Queen?" with "You don't know who I am, detective?" Just answer the questions, dummy. Detective Lance holds up the sketch of the Hood and asks, "Are you the man in this picture?" Oliver flashes back to the tent, when he was asked, "Where can I find the man in this picture?" Anyway, he denies being the Hood. He also denies stealing 40 million dollars from Adam Hunt.

Five years earlier, Deathstroke sticks the katana into Oliver. Ouch!

At the polygraph test, Oliver admits that the scar tissue happened on the island because he wasn't really alone. He says that the people that were there tortured him. The next question is, "Have you killed anyone?" Long pause. "Yes. When I asked your daughter Sara to come on my father's yacht with me. I killed your daughter." Then Oliver pulls off the wires and leaves. I don't think you can get a great polygraph read on someone with only four questions. But the polygraph tech says he's probably telling the truth. So I guess one of the things Oliver learned on that island was how to beat lie detectors! Laurel asks if her father will be recommending all charges be dropped. Detective Lance says he can see a guilty man when he sees one. So the polygraph test served no actual purpose? Great! And hey, what about all that actual evidence against him? Has anybody tried to see if Oliver has an alibi for any of the things he's accused of?

And now: a party! It's not really "Burning Man meets Shawshank Redemption" so much as a bunch of people dressed in vaguely prison-themed outfits and a couple of people dancing in cages. This party could have been much darker. Oliver thanks everyone for coming to see him before he gets sent "up the river." Everyone's delighted! All these people are pretty confident he's not a murderer, I guess.

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