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Mistrial of the Century

Hans Mueller (portrayed as standard "guy with German accent") talks to local gang members ("young black men with loose clothing and backward baseball caps," which is kind of racist). Dig, in hood, interrupts. He does more punching than short-range archery.

Walter's office, still at night. Moira comes in and tells Walter she's not accustomed to being summoned to the office. He says he found the Queen's Gambit. And when he tried to have Josiah move it, he died mysteriously. So... what's up, Moira? Why all the lies? She tells him to stop looking in to it. "You'll be upsetting people. People with influence!" That's not that scary a phrase, really.

Oliver is alone in his room when Dig calls with the news that he's been seen as the Hood. This seems like a time that Oliver should have been out at the party. You know, the party he's holding for the explicit purpose of being seen at while the Hood is seen somewhere else? Outside his room, a servant prepares a gun. But when Oliver opens it, his Island-hones reflexes kick in. They fight! Until Detective Lance shows up and shoots the thug in the back. Well, now he's got that witness I was wondering about. Detective Lance explains that he knew Oliver was in trouble because the ankle monitor broke in the fight. Moira comes in and blames Detective Lance for the person trying to kill Oliver, but nobody even considers taking that seriously. Walter asks if they know anything about the attempted assassin. Nope. Detective Lance removes the ankle monitor because the charges have been dropped now that an arms dealer and some gang members have claimed to see the Hood across town. Moira calls Detective Lance "Quentin" and asks him to get the hell out of their house. Oliver thanks him for dealing with the assassin, which is only polite, right? Detective Lance nods.

Moira enters John Barrowman's office and objects to the attempt to kill Oliver. John Barrowman says he had to take steps. Well, sure. If you're a mysterious figure in charge of a shadowy conspiracy, steps are going to have to be taken. But he offers his apologies. Moira says she knows that he had Josiah Hudson killed. She says if any of her family gets hurt, she'll burn his entire world to ashes. Wasn't she responsible for planning the shipwreck that killed her husband and almost killed her son?

Oliver picks up a small bag. On the island, the Archer says Oliver's stronger than he looks. He drops off a bag (The same one that modern-day Oliver has!) and recommends breathing. Then the Archer blocks up a cave entrance, trapping Oliver underground.

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