Darkness on the Edge of Town

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It's Mostly Setup

Castle Queen. Walter does indeed come home. Thea hugs him. Moira claims they've prepared a brunch, but Walter just wants to lie down for a bit. Thea gets a text from Roy telling her to meet him tonight. As Walter walks upstairs, Thea and Oliver talk about how he doesn't seem the same. Thea says she's sick of everyone using "I've been through a lot" to justify their behavior. She has a point. Me. I'm sick of everyone's weird behavior being the kind where they act disconnected and aloof, because that's boring to watch if it's all we're getting.

You know how the televisions in Starling City are always tuned to the WEBG news? It's always the same newscaster, too. That guy's in pretty much every episode, I think. I wonder if his character has a name. In this appearance, he says that six scientists and three security guards were killed at UNIDAC. Moira runs out when she hears this, which vexes Oliver, because he was hoping to grill her about the Undertaking.

Flashback Island. Oliver, Slade and Shado are prisoners again, because this storyline has lapped itself. They get brought into a tent with Yao Fei. And there's a guy sitting at a radio that Oliver recognizes as the guy who staggered into his cave begging for help. There are only so many swerves a plot can throw at you before you stop caring, and for me, the island passed that point awhile ago. Yao Fei says he led the soldiers to them because Fyers was about to fire missiles at the forest. They hear a radio message from a plane going from Berlin to Hong Kong. The radio-guy tells them to adjust course to avoid turbulence. So now they'll be in range in 26 minutes. Oliver cheerfully says a commercial airliner can't land on the island, and Fyers explains that he'll be destroying it. That doesn't come as much of a surprise, since the missiles of that tank were prominently in the background of the scene.

The police are at UNIDAC, examining the scene. They find it helpful that there are black arrows in the victim, not green. Some police would be annoyed that they had two serial mass murderers to deal, but these guys are looking on the bright side: at least they can tell them apart. Unless one of them adopts the inconceivable strategy of changing the color of his arrows. They're having trouble finding out what UNIDAC was working on, because all the information on all servers was wiped out and there are no records anywhere. Sure, that seems likely.

Across the street, Roy takes pictures of the police with a telephoto lens. He doesn't need that lens. He's maybe thirty feet away. The police have to be very careful not to accidentally see him. Thea realizes he's using a stolen camera in a stolen car. When you're loaded up with stolen stuff, I don't think you should follow the cops around. Roy says he doesn't worship the vigilante; he just needs to find him. Thea thinks the cops don't have a clue, and Roy suddenly realizes he needs to spy on them. He already realized that last week when he stole Quentin's radio, but I guess sometimes you need to realize the same thing more than once. He asks, "You still work at CNRI, right?" Does she? She was sent there to do community service, and it's been awhile.

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