Darkness on the Edge of Town

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It's Mostly Setup

Oliver goes to Laurel's place and asks if they can talk. He stalls for awhile, and Laurel is nearly as impatient as I am for him to get to the point. He eventually spits it out: "You are more important to me than anyone. I just hope I didn't wait too long to say it." Apparently he did not, because she kisses him. The music is certain that this is a great moment. He takes his shirt off and they go into bedroom. Guys! This couple has no chemistry! No one cares! Well, except Tommy, because they happen to be making out in front of a window that he can see from the street. Tommy has a right to be annoyed, since this is the same day that Oliver came to him in the middle of his job and encouraged him to get back together with Laurel.

Oliver and Laurel are in bed. And they're naked! Oliver's phone buzzes, because Felicity has found the Markov device. You might think she should be leaving him alone, but he made a point of not telling the team where he was going. The device is in a warehouse in the Glades. And Malcolm is logged in on his computer in his office, so Diggle is going to handle the device while Oliver handles Malcolm. Go! Go! Go!

Island. Yao Fei is in a uniform. Oliver and Shado are tied up. As Fyers records video, Yao Fei says (in English) that he takes responsibility for shooting down that plane as a protest. That's the entire video, which Fyers kept both Shado and Yao Fei around for months to record. Then Fyers shoots him in the forehead. The radio guy reports that the plane's in range. Oliver stares.

Diggle goes into a warehouse labeled "Pete's Fruit." In case you're interested, Pete's fruit provide "a world of health and taste." It's very warehouse-y inside. You know an action show is low on funds when there are two warehouse scenes in the same episodes. He finds the UNIDAC crate.

Malcolm is in his office at night, because he always is. He tells someone on the phone he'll be in touch. Oliver tells him he's failed this city. Hey, if Oliver can get into even the most secure places secretly, what was with all the rigmarole around Felicity earlier? Just have Oliver sneak in at night and have Felicity tell him what to do over a radio. Malcolm asks how, exactly, he has failed the city. Oliver tells him this ends now. But! Before he can end things, Diggle says the device has been moved. Malcolm explains that he found the Trojan and took precautions. In retrospect, it was probably a mistake to have the device's precise location on the corporate servers. That's just my opinion. He tells Oliver that the city needs the Undertaking. His mission statement is, "The people who are destroying it from the inside need to be erased from the map." Oliver answers, "Fine. Let's start with you." Hey, I just realized that the Arrowlair is in the Glades. This is personal! And maybe Felicity should work from home instead of being underground in the Earthquake Zone. Oliver shoots from five feet away, and Malcolm catches it. Yikes! He throws the arrow back, and it shatters some glass when Oliver ducks.

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