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Un-Secret Identity

Modern-day Oliver catches up with McKenna Hall in a nondescript hallway and starts making out with her. Then a door opens and Tommy welcomes them into Laurel's apartment. It's Tommy's birthday! Laurel knows McKenna from the courthouse, when you'd think she'd know her from being a coworker of her father or from being a lifelong friend of her lifelong friends Tommy and Oliver. McKenna finds a picture that turns out to be Sarah Lance. She had a canary, which is presumably a Black Canary reference. Not a very good one, though./p>

They toast (not to anything in particular), and there's a knock at the door. Laurel thinks it's the food, but it's Malcolm Merlyn. Everyone stands awkwardly. Especially Oliver, who's REALLY awkward in this position. Malcolm has brought a present for his son. That's Tommy. Tommy doesn't even look at it and instead goes out into the hall with Malcolm. Malcolm wants Tommy to come to a dinner honoring him. Tommy declines. Malcolm assures him, "All I ever wanted for you was happiness." He presses the invite to his own Appreciation Gala into Tommy's hand and starts to leave. Tommy makes some kind of point about "the people that you want to be there the most" and returns the invitation.

The Bludhaven Apt. There's a film noir shot of alcohol being poured into a glass, except that the glass has an orange and yellow pattern It's from the '70s; I can't describe it any more precisely than that. Just think "a glass from the seventies" and you're probably picturing it. A woman says "Hello, Walton." She thinks he's slipping. But he Walton doesn't care if he gets killed. It's China White, and she'd like to hire Walter. Ah, it's Deadshot. Floyd Walton. He says he's out of the assassin game because his eye doesn't work. I believe he got an arrow in it. But she's brought a red eyepiece to improve his eyesight. He's in: "So. Who needs two bullets in the chest?"

Frank and Moira in an office building somewhere. Frank is that guy who was going to help Moira get out of the Undertaking. "It" is happening at the Appreciation Gala. They go in to a board meeting, which is led by Malcolm Merlyn. Malcolm says they won't fail the city. That's Oliver's catchphrase, but he might have learned it from his father. Anyway Malcolm claims there's hope on the horizon. Moira claims they're all with him. Why even have a secret meeting if you're going to be this vague all the time?

Felicity says that there's cobalt-level encryption on the phone. Also that her middle name is Megan. Oliver doesn't like banter and demands that she get back to work. He's a lousy boss. Guillermo's last call was to a restaurant called the Jade Dragon, which Diggle says is a front for the Chinese Mafia. Oliver orders them to make a reservation for two and leaves. Do it yourself, jerk. Felicity comments that she's kind of in the mood for Chinese now. Diggle seems to agree.

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