Dead to Rights

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Un-Secret Identity

Oliver and Tommy are having Chinese. This doesn't look like a busy enough place to require reservations. Oliver tries to stick up for Malcolm, what with Mrs. Merlyn dying. Tommy says that they were eight and after her funeral, Malcolm left for two years. His justification for sharing this story is that Oliver might not remember it. I think Oliver would remember his best friend's father vanishing. Tommy says Oliver's father did all the father stuff for him. Oliver talks vaguely about how his father made mistakes and how he has a lot of anger towards him. But he'd give anything to have him back. "At the end of the day, your dad is... your dad." Deep.

Oliver notes a big Chinese guy with a neck tattoo going toward the back and claims he has to go to the restroom. We see Neck-tat go through the kitchen to the back room where there's a guy with a money-counting machine. The lights go out, but as the windows are open and it's daytime, I don't see the point. Oliver jumps out of the rafters and sprays hot sauce in neck-tat's eyes. He then grabs the money counter and demands to know who the Triad put a hit out on. Money Counter says he doesn't know. All he knows is, "Whatever it is, it's supposed to happen tomorrow. Oliver escapes. Neck-tat wipes the hot sauce out of his eyes. Money counter tells him, "He spoke with a perfect accent. Definitely Chinese." When Neck-tat starts looking through the restaurant, Oliver is back at the table being Occidental. He chooses to end this scene in the most clich├ęd way possible: "Check, please!"

Back to the island. Slade brings in a giant rat or something. It might be a wild boar, but it's got a long, rat-like tail. He's mad that Oliver has spent days playing with the radio while he's out hunting for food, but then the radio comes on. Slade is quite happy! He sends a Mayday, but the transmitter doesn't seem to be working. It really is just like Gilligan's Island!

Detective Lance answers the Arrowphone. Oliver warns him that there's a professional killer on the loose. Lance doesn't car, since the Hood already killed one professional killer. And Oliver doesn't even know who the target is. Lance says "Call me back when you got a name." Then he tells McKenna that they're going to catch the vigilante.

China White tells her team that they'll have five seconds to disable Malcolm Merlyn's security and get him outside. Then Deadshot will do his thing. I'm not sure why they can't just kill Malcolm while they're disabling his security. They haven't mentioned Deadshot's curare-coated bullets. I hope they haven't come to their senses and taken those out.

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