Dead to Rights

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Un-Secret Identity

Malcolm's first aid kit has some tubing in it. That's all you need, right? Oliver jabs Tommy's wrist, then connects a tube. The blood starts leaking on the floor, then Oliver pokes Malcolm's arm. Oliver wants to wait until later to talk about why he's the vigilante. Also, Malcolm will still need medical attention after this. Malcolm holds Tommy's hand, but I don't think he opens his eyes. Once the blood is going from Tommy into Malcolm, Oliver leaves. They've been up there for a while, so I wonder why McKenna didn't come up there.

Later, the Merlyns are outside the building, with Malcolm on a stretcher. McKenna thinks the impromptu blood transfusion is weird. Lance wonders why Tommy would take the vigilante's suggestion and asks if it's a friend of his. Moira is still there and she watches Malcolm get loaded into the ambulance.

Flashback Oliver is whiny about how the radio's a waste of time now. He could try channeling that energy into fixing the transmitter, couldn't he? But Slade has tuned it to the frequency that Fyers and the soldiers use, so it's a source of information. They learn that Fyers works for someone named "Scylla" off the island. There are references to Scylla and Charybdis. Slade gets his swords and sets out. Oliver grabs a knife and follows.

Oliver comes back to the Arrowlair. Felicity asks how it feels to save a one percenter. Oliver tells Diggle that Malcolm was poisoned by curare and Diggle has feelings now that he knows that Deadshot's alive. Diggle goes off to be alone so Oliver can tell Felicity that Lawyon killed Diggle's brother.

Slade and Oliver study the camp. There's a super-high-tech Russian tank down there. It has missiles big enough to start a war. I bet it has guns that shoot through schools, too.

Oliver comes to the hospital, where he meets with McKenna. He apologizes for running out on her. She's willing to keep dating him. I bet she'd like to keep her mind on her job for an evening.

Tommy watches his father wake up. He explains that the vigilante recommended a blood transfusion and saved his life. Malcolm finds that a little surprising. He promises not to leave, although he apparently did the same when his wife died. Tommy says, "You never told me where you went." Malcolm says he met a man who helped him find a purpose for his life. To make the city a better place for everyone. Moira comes in and Malcolm asks Tommy to leave. He tells Moira they have a traitor and he wants her to find out who. She's alone with him and he's recovering from curare poisoning. I bet she could finish this right now if she wanted to.

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