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Put a Sock in It, Roy

Oliver and McKenna eat a soufflé in a fancy restaurant, which leads to her grilling him about what he ate on the island. But she's asking questions so quickly that he doesn't have to answer. He says he had to make "some tough choices" and we see a brief flashback the guy asking for help. Oliver says he doesn't want to talk about the island. McKenna's phone rings, and she has to go. There's information from a CI. As soon as she's gone, Oliver calls Felicity and asks her to turn on the bug on McKenna's phone.

Flashback! The guy says his name is Abbott Lorraine. He was on a fishing excursion when his boat caught fire two days ago. Oliver doesn't buy it. Where's the crew? Abbott says he's the only one who made it, and some soldiers found him. They beat him and left him here, he sobs. "Who are they?" he asks. He'd also like to be untied, please.

A warehouse. The new fence is a woman! The Dodger has brought the Sherwood. She says, "It's only a recession for some people" and suggests a 15 percent commission. He counters with 12 percent. But this riveting negotiation is cut short because the police are here! The Dodger lifts his hands in surrender. The fence grabs the suitcase. Then some of the goons start firing automatic weapons, so the Dodger runs out the back. I like that he was willing to give up so easily. There's a big firefight in which many objects d'art get destroyed. The Dodger sees the fence get arrested, but he also sees the exit. He's out!

But it's never that easy, because a hooded figure is standing on the roof of the warehouse. Oliver says, "Come quietly." Nope. He answers, "Then I'm afraid you won't be going to jail!" Oliver shoots an arrow past the Dodger. The Dodger pulls out a collar and throws it like a grenade. He escapes!

Arrowlair. Felicity wants to know how everyone's dates went, but no one wants to talk about it. Instead, Oliver wants information on what the Dodger likes to steal. Felicity does some rudimentary research and reports that he likes to steal from "the ominous decade," which was the last ten years of King Ferdinand's rule. There isn't anything else in town that would attract the Dodger because they're not idiots like in Gotham City. Those guys are always putting on exhibitions of The World's Biggest Hat or something. But! There's an auction tomorrow for the Cancer Society, so Oliver shrugs that he could just buy something to lure him out.

"Roy William Harper, Jr." says Detective Lance. Roy is not intimidated. For some reason, Thea and Lance are allowed to watch through the one-way mirror. I also recap Elementary, and I feel like these two shows are pretty loose with regards to who's allowed to watch interrogations. RoyHarper says he has to steal because his mother has vertigo. Oh, wait. He probably means the drug "Vertigo". That would make more sense. Thea looks sad for him. Roy explains that his mother kicked the Vertigo, but she hasn't been the same since. She's got medical bills and all. He complains that they're not privileged. Thea says to let him go. She's telling Laurel? Shouldn't there be a cop around here she could talk to?

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