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Put a Sock in It, Roy

Frank tells Moira she's out. Remember Frank and Moira? They're in this show too! She wants a clue to where Walter's being kept because, "If our plan works, I can't let it damn Walter to hell." Walter answers, "No. That's the fate that's in store for us, I'm afraid." Vague!

Auction! The Queen Family has donated a horrible gaudy piece of jewelry. They're not only so rich they can buy valuable pieces as bait; no one will ever mention that Oliver bought this just to give it away. Even if Moira is busy with vague plans, you'd think there would be accountants would object to this kind of behavior. Diggle tells Oliver that the police are also here. Then they find Felicity, who looks great. I did not expect her to put on a fancy dress, but I guess everyone in this town has to dress like that sometimes. They have a lot of balls and charity auctions and cotillions. Felicity asks if they have a plan for what happens if the Dodger steals "the family jewels." McKenna's also here, but Oliver wants to stay away from her.

Felicity's phone tracks the brooch moving because they planted a bug in it. And she sees guy walking past her with it! The Dodger (for it is he) tells her, "Actually, love, I thought I'd just take it." The next time we see Felicity, she has a bomb collar on. She tells Oliver and Diggle that they have a problem.

Oliver takes a phone to follow the tracker with Felicity giving him directions. And Diggle uses a pen to pop open the collar, which seems like the worst idea. Oliver steals a motorcycle by beating up the guy who owns it (and taking his helmet) and zooms through the traffic. Felicity somehow hacks into the traffic cameras to keep track of the Dodger's car. Oliver catches up and rides up next to the car. He's pushed onto the sidewalk, but he gets back on to the road. He looks pretty cool in his suit and black helmet. I like this look more than the green hood. Oliver throws an exploding arrow at the Dodger's car's wheels, and the car flips over. The Dodger crawls out and warns him that he'll blow up Felicity's head. Then Oliver throws an arrow into the Dodger's arm, which severs his button-pushing nerves. Felicity's safe! That's ridiculous precision. The Dodger says they're the same, since they both steal from the rich. Oliver answers, "I'm not Robin Hood." No one thought you were. And I don't see why the Dodger even thought Oliver was the vigilante. Anyway, the Dodger pulls out his shock-wand, but Oliver yanks it away and knocks him out with it.

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