Honor Thy Father

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Bruce Wayne Syndrome

In a different courtroom from before, Laurel has a picture of a bearded stevedore. He's Victor Nocenti, whose boss, Martin Somers (we just met him!), was taking bribes from the Chinese Triads to smuggle drugs into Starling City. Emily Nocenti is his daughter. This is important exposition, so I hope you're paying attention.

And now for a training montage! I understand these are the most popular parts of the show. Oliver climbs a rope. Shirtless. I'd call that gratuitous, but I think I just figured out why this segment is so popular. There are arrowheads on the table. They're also shirtless, I guess. We see the special plot-notebook. "Martin Somers" is on the list, right above Hannibal Bastet and Albert Dawes. Those are names which looked like Hannibal Bates and Albert Davis last week, but I freely admit that I didn't get a great look at them. Now Oliver does some knife-fighting practice, which involves some carefully spaced-out columns. Voiceover: "Laurel thinks she's the only one that can bring him to justice. She's wrong." I don't think we needed a special voiceover just to explain that Oliver was going to be going after Martin Somers today.

Somers has an office in a warehouse out in the dock area. You know, the dock area? He berates his subordinates, which is a pretty standard character trait for these guys. The lights go out and the subordinates all fall. Somers gets whopped over the head. He comes to outside, hanging by his feet so Arrow can shoot arrows past him. He wants Somers to confess in court. "There won't be a second warning," he warns him. I find it interesting that he's not even willing to give the court system a chance to fail. He's just proactively kidnapping and threatening people. If he had any faith in Laurel's ability to do her job, wouldn't he work on other guys on his list?

Castle Queen. Mrs. Queen berates Diggle about his inability to keep up with Oliver. Does he know where Oliver sneaks off to? No, he does not. Oliver comes in and explains that he's been alone for five years (I don't think he has! Where'd he get all this training?) and promises to introduce his imaginary girlfriend. Mom says she doesn't want to lose him again. She leaves. Dig tells Oliver he served three tours in Afghanistan. And if Oliver ditches him again, he'll quit.

Thea is going out, and all she'll tell Oliver is that she's headed "Somewhere loud and smoky." She's getting drunk, not high. Oliver asks if this is what dad would want. Thea ramps up the snottiness: "Dead people don't want anything." She complains that all Oliver does is avoid mom, ignore Walter and judge her. "Don't wait up," she chirps, as she goes out.

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