Honor Thy Father

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Bruce Wayne Syndrome

Officer Dad wants Laurel to recuse herself from the case. She won't, because of justice. He threatens to lock her in a cell because she's being reckless. And after what happened to Sarah! Well, this is a little different from drowning in a shipwreck. She's claims that she's trying to make the city safer, "just like you." He doesn't want her to go after people like the Triad. I feel like this city is going to be pretty full of supervillains soon.

Just then! Somers gets a phone call. There's an incident at Somers Imports. Something's going on at the docks!

At the docks: Machine guns! Arrows! And although there's a lot of running and jumping, there's not that much parkour, considering all the railings and stuff. I think they might have had a different stunt coordinator in the pilot.

After disposing of all the goons, Oliver tracks Somers to a big, round room. I think they're in a silo. Arrow pins Somers to a crate with a couple of arrows. He can hit a moving target within half an inch? Nice! He tells Somers all the usual stuff about how he should be afraid of the hooded vigilante, not the triad. Eventually, Somers admits that although the triad killed Mr. Nocenti, it was Somers who gave the order.

And then! China White appears and says, in Chinese, "Move away from him." Oliver answers, "Make me." In Chinese. Which means that while he was learning archery and knife-throwing and rope-climbing on the island, he had time to study Chinese. Anyway, they fight!

She has knives in both hands. He uses his bow like a short staff to block them. You'd think she'd cut the string by accident, wouldn't you? Eventually, the police show up and both Oliver and China White scatter.

After scattering, Oliver is caught out in the open by Officer Dad, who tells him, "You twitch, and you're dead." But then! Oliver throws something at the gun. And when Officer Dad turns around, Oliver vanishes! And it turns out that the thing he threw was one of those darts from the beginning of the episodes, and it has a thumb-drive with a recording of Somers's confession! Officer Dad muses, "You son of a bitch."

Arrowlair. Voiceoliver: "Laurel was right." "I have to be the person I need them to see me as."

No, wait. I tried "Voiceoliver" out but I don't think it worked. I should have gone with my first instinct and not used it.

Q Consolidated press conference. Tommy chats with Laurel while they wait for it to start. He wonders why she's there, but Oliver invited her. Walter welcomes everyone. The press is a lot less excited to be here. There's only one photographer. And there are at least six hanging out in front of the courthouse, mobbing whoever they see. While Walter gives his speech, Oliver rolls up and is acting drunk and obnoxious. You know, you can do the Bruce Wayne act without being a jerk about it. Oliver's speech is about how he's supposed to become the heir apparent. "But I'm not my father. I'm not the man he was. I'm not half the man he was. I never will be. So please stop asking me to be." As he leaves, Dig follows him. Laurel watches him leave, and I wonder if this was supposed to be him pushing her away again. I think I'd enjoy it if Oliver would change his mind about Laurel twice an episode.

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