Honor Thy Father

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Bruce Wayne Syndrome

Now the television news says, "Evidence Incriminates Somers"! Emily Nocenti can back out of the civil suit now that the DA has to prosecute. Hooray! Although there's no way that recording is admissible evidence. Officer Dad comes in and Laurel is a jerk about how she doesn't need police protection anymore. She admits that he's glad the archer got away. Officer Dad doesn't approve of vigilante anarchists. I kind of don't either.

Oliver looks through his notebook and crosses off Martin Somers. Then there's an island flashback. He puts his father down. In his father's pocket, he finds The Notebook. It's completely blank, except for a mysterious symbol that looks kind of like a street map. So that means he's going to learn all the notebook stuff while on the island. Boy, it's a good thing he washed up on the island that had a killer vigilante who knew everything about his father's dirty business partners.

Moira gets out of her car and into another. She assures a mysterious figure that Oliver had no idea the yacht was sabotaged. The mysterious figure has a notebook with the mysterious symbol on it.

Oliver goes to his father's grave. He tells him that he never realized how hard it would be to reconnect with everyone. And how painful it would be to keep his secrets and right his wrongs. But he can't be the Oliver everyone wants him to be (we've covered that. In detail.) He tells the tombstone, "I need to dishonor your memory. I'm sorry."

As he walks away, he tells two workmen to take up his tombstone. Yeah, it's creepy to have your own tombstone in your backyard. Dig: "Will we be going out tonight, sir?" "Definitely." So he's going to be a rich wastrel now. That sounds familiar.

Back on the island, Oliver piles up rocks, presumably on his father's body. And then he's hit by an arrow! Right through the shoulder! It was shot by some guy in a hood!

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