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Hero in Training

Laurel is interrogating Roy, because she's with the District Attorney's office now. She's still not a cop, though. Roy had a little red arrow on him, which is close enough to the vigilante's big green arrows that Laurel is leaning on him for information. Even though she's had way more interaction with the vigilante than Roy ever has She wants to charge him with obstruction, but then she switches to Good Cop and admits, "He has this way of seducing you." Yeah, by taking his shirt off and working out. She adds that he causes chaos and death, and it doesn't help to have people like Roy imitating him. Roy says there are others out there: "I've seen her." Laurel only cares about the one vigilante, and that's because she blames him for Tommy dying. Her theory is that Tommy got caught in a fight between two archers, but as I remember it, it was a giant earthquake caused by his father.

Roy comes out into the police station hallway where Thea and Oliver are waiting (leaving no management back at the club), and Laurel says they're not pressing charges if he'll promise to quit causing trouble. She asks Oliver to talk to Roy about staying away from the vigilante, even though Roy barely knows Oliver and has no reason to be taking instruction from him. Laurel says the vigilante has to be stopped, because he causes so much mayhem in the city. Oliver gets rid of Thea, and she tells Roy, "I'll always think of you fondly." The implication here is that Oliver is going to kill him. Oliver tries to bond with Roy by telling him about his law-breaking past, but Roy doesn't care. When he tries to leave, Roy is surprised that Oliver has such a strong grip on his arm. People on this show are really bad at noticing how much Oliver has been working out. Then Oliver looks into Roy's soul and warns him he'll end up in the hospital or arrested. Roy rolls his eyes and introduces the week's plot: "Been to the Glades Memorial lately?" It seems that the FEMA medicine has been being hijacked, and the medical staff is leaving. The police rarely go that deeply into the Glades, so Roy figures it's up to him to do something about it. He asks Oliver what it takes to make him angry, and we get some weirdly-angled shots of Oliver looking down at his hands.


Those shots cut to Flashback Oliver looking at the blood all over his hands. From that time he crushed a dude's head with a rock in the last episode, remember? Last episode? Shado wants to get out of there, but Slade digs through the dead soldiers' pockets to try to find out what they were looking for. There's a map of the island chain their island is part of and a picture of a rock. Slade concludes that the soldiers are looking for something on this island. Nobody mentions that they were clearly asking Shado where a grave was. And Slade thinks the look in Oliver's eyes means that he's split into someone else. Shado goes over to do some amateur psychotherapy. She takes his bloody hands and says it's time to go.

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