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Hero in Training

Arrowlair. Oliver has a thing in his ankle, which he is sewing up. Felicity is shocked that the cops are more interested in catching Oliver than in stopping the hijackings. I think I agree with her, because it looked like the police could just stake out the FEMA trucks and make some easy arrests. Especially if the drivers keep getting killed, you'd think the government would be interested in stopping that. Oliver says it was different this time because the police got in his way. He feels that can't make things better as Oliver Queen or as the vigilante. He hasn't tried breaking off a couple million dollars to improve the hospital and also rehabilitate the Queen name. At the mention of Laurel, he gets cranky, so Felicity gets in Oliver's face and shouts at him about not taking his cranky pants Laurel problems out on Diggle, who has his own romantic problems. Diggle finally admits that he broke up with Carly. Felicity explains that it was because he was the vigilante's wingman. Diggle says it was also about Deadshot. And not about her being his brother's widow? Weird. Also, I think it was because their relationship barely existed and nobody cared about it. For the purposes of tonight's episode, the reason it happened was so that Oliver could be shown that other people on his team are struggling with two sides of their lives. Diggle walks out. So does Felicity.

Upstairs at the club, Roy is sweeping up glass. He tells Thea they had a great crowd. Thea complains about his nighttime habit of fighting bad guys and says she wanted Laurel to arrest him. She won't try to change him, so she gives him his severance pay. He's fired and they're breaking up. She's also giving him the rock that Oliver gave her from the island. If he wants to stay with her, he'll tear up the check. I'm not sure what's supposed to happen with the rock, not why she thinks it's cool to give away the rock that her brother brought her from the island where he was stranded for five years. Roy doesn't like ultimatums.

Felicity tells Oliver his 4:00 appointment is here. It's Mr. Blood! He comments on the view, and Oliver asks Ms. Smoak to get his guest some coffee. She claims that the coffeemaker is broken. Let's be clear here: the only reason he asked her to get coffee was because he thought he could make her do it because there was a guest. Felicity Smoak is a strong character and she's being dumped on by Oliver and the writers for no reason other than that someone thinks it's funny to demean her.

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