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Hero in Training

Once they're alone, Blood says his constituents have a lot of anger toward Oliver because the Queens made the earthquake machine. Oliver blames his mother for everything and says he's his own man. Blood says, "Mr. Queen, not every problem can be solved by money. This one can! The hospital is understaffed and needs supplies. Money can acquire both of those things! It's really easy; Oliver could write a check for hospital supplies and some decent security and they'd name a wing of the hospital after him. But instead, Blood says Oliver's elitist friends need to learn about moral acceptability. Oliver says he'll...wait for a benefit! That makes this season two-for-two with the charity galas. He'll invite his elitist friends, none of whom have names. And Blood can give a speech. Blood considers it and decides that if Oliver Queen is the cause's public face, that would make a difference. Well, okay, but I think he'd still be the public face if he did all the donations himself. Or Queen Consolidated could do it! That's the company that actually built the machine, so it could use some good PR. Blood apologizes for setting the media on Oliver: "Sometimes my emotions get the better of me."

Flashback. Slade is in the trees, looking at Oliver and Shado in probably some post-coital bliss. They're as unclothed as network television will allow, although Oliver spends a lot of time with his shirt off anyway. He walks away a few yards and calls them. They get clothed and answer. Slade has figured out that those soldiers were headed to a place a couple kilometers north. On the walk, Slade warns Oliver that Shado is a distraction that will cloud his judgment. He plays on Oliver's fears, saying, "Look at what this island has already done to you, kid."

Laurel is alone at the District Attorney's office when the lights go out. The vigilante is here to talk to her! He says he's not her enemy, but she says he's a criminal. Oliver complains, "You used to think that I was helping the people in this city." Well, there was that time he saved her life in the prison. She says she saw him at CNRI, where Tommy died: "I saw you running away into the night. You didn't save him. You were too busy fighting a meaningless duel with Malcolm Merlyn!" I like that she's complaining about the hero letting citizens die while he fights the bad guy, because that's a common complaint fans have about various superheroes. She suggests the hood is there to hide that he's a coward. She wants him unmasked, arrested, and sent to prison. Finally she says, "Don't ever speak to me again." The lights go on and he's gone. Whoosh! Like Keyser Soze.

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