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Hero in Training

Roy is taking out some trash in an alley when he hears something. He throws a dart behind him and Oliver catches it. I don't think this show understands that when you keep showing people catching darts and arrows, it really undercuts their perceived threat level. Roy doesn't want to stop hunting bad guys, because he wants to help save the city. Oliver says he's untrained, which is an obvious setup for Roy to wail, "Then teach me! Let me help you!" Oliver says Roy can help, but not by attacking the Triad or the Cops. Roy will be his eyes and ears in the Glades: "That's how you can save the city." I guess he does need someone to tell him about shady dealings and goings-on. Oliver tosses the red dart back and gives instructions: "Leave that in the alley wall. And I'll know to contact you." Roy asks if it's okay to keep his crime fighting dart, but when he looks up, Oliver's gone. Whoosh!

At Club Verdant Roy tells Thea he wants a life with her, but he was unsure about what to do with the rock. So was I! Was he supposed to tear up the check and return the rock? Or what? Anyway, he has the dart in his pocket.

The DA's office. The lights go out, and Laurel rolls her eyes. She's already over this. Oliver growls he thought she might have changed her mind already. Well, she hasn't. And it turns out that she's no dummy: she has a remote control in her hand and tells him, "Well, don't worry. Your life is over. Your life as a free man." Goons rush in. There are ten or fifteen of them, all pointing rifles at his torso. They all have laser scopes, which seem unnecessary when you're five feet from the guy. I really like that Laurel could tell that he was obviously going to try this again, even though she told him not to. She probably noticed that the DA's office was a set that hadn't been used before.

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