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The Busted Flush Gang

Oliver ends the sparring by announcing that today's target is Scott Morgan, an evil industrialist in charge of water and power. So he controls both the utilities? I want to do some kind of Monopoly joke, but it seems unlikely that Starling City has four railroad companies. Anyway, Dig is more concerned with the bank robbers. Oliver figures the cops will be all over that, what with the shot police officer, so he has no intention of looking into it. Dig says these guys are professionals, and professional bank robbers always hit two or three banks per city before moving on. They, um. They what? Wouldn't professional bank robbers be smarter than that? Anyway, Dig says they're planning their next job right now, and they're guaranteed to hit one of the other banks in town and use the same tactics. Man, professionals are the worst. Oliver doesn't care about street crime because it's just a symptom of the problems in Starling City. He's working on the disease. He's pretty sanctimonious about the whole thing because it's hard to sound great when your mission statement includes these sentences: "Crime happens in this city every day. What do you want me to do? Stop all of it?" He says he's not a hero. And I agree!

Flashback time! It's the cave on the island. Oliver is tearing sheets out of the notebook to keep a fire alive. But then he's his father?! Gasp! Plot twist!

Laurel and her bland friend are worried about Stag Industries pulling out of donating to CNRI. I suppose I should remind you that CNRI is the legal aid place Laurel works. We still don't know what it stands for. Tommy barges in and the friend leaves. She's really not doing much. Tommy wants to take Laurel to Coast City for drinks or something, but Laurel is freaking out about her legal clinic being in trouble. They already established that at the beginning of the scene, but we can't be expected to remember things for four minutes at a time.

Castle Queen. Thea and Oliver have a discussion about their mother Moira's feelings. But she strolls in and seems in a good mood. She just talked to the mother of Carter Bowen, who's somebody both Oliver and Thea are jealous of. Moira orders them both to have brunch with the Bowens tomorrow, and they reluctantly agree. There's a funny moment where Oliver says, "Snap!" and Thea informs him that no one says that anymore. I'd like to see more references to Oliver having missed five years of pop culture.

Just then, Dig calls Oliver from Starling General Hospital with the news that Scott Morgan just tried to kill himself. Tommy barges in through the front door and gets the brush-off from Oliver. Thea offers to talk to Tommy, and he decides he wants help with his woman troubles. Thea reminds him (and us) that he's a billionaire and they talk in extreme vagueness. Thea recommends finding out what's a big deal to his unknown woman friend and making it a big deal to him.

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