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The Busted Flush Gang

Oliver arrives at the hospital on a motorcycle, only to find out that Dig was lying to get Oliver there. What's actually going on is that the wife of the police officer is there, and she's very grateful that Oliver's paying to get her husband better treatment at this nice hospital. After she leaves, Dig tells Oliver that he doesn't walk away when there's a chance to make a difference. He's ramping into a pretty good speech, it sounds like. But it's cut short when Oliver strides back to his motorcycle. "Let's catch some bank robbers!" he calls out, probably too loudly. I mean, people aren't supposed to know that he's in the crime-stopping business.

At the Arrowlair, Dig and Oliver look at the security footage from the bank. The Ace was the one who shot the police officer, and he's wearing a high school ring. For once, they can't do some magic computer enhancement, so Oliver decides to go break into the police evidence locker. Sure, that makes sense! We next see him in full hood, creeping through the halls of the police station. It's night, so there are only a couple cops there. Oliver hides in the ceiling as they walk past, of course. Then he sneaks up to a computer and transfers files onto a thumb drive. Riveting!

Laurel gets to work at CNRI and Tommy is there with Jo, the bland friend. Tommy explains that the Merlyn Global Group is going to sponsor a benefit for CNRI. See, I thought Tommy was just going to fund the CNRI himself. I guess that would be too straightforward. Laurel turns down Tommy's offer on the grounds that he's only setting up a fundraiser so he can get her to like him. Jo tells her to shut up and say thank you. This whole thing is weird because Tommy and Laurel were already planning on dating.

At the Arrowlair, Oliver has a police picture of someone who got punched in the face at the bank robbery. He then uses imaginary imaging software to get the image of the high school ring from the indentation in the victim's face. And then he interfaces with what I assume is the Jostens Database to get Larchmont High School. Boy, it's a good thing this bank robber has so much school spirit. And then he cross-references the man's height and weight with some other imaginary database and then he "dug a little deeper" to get Kyle Reston. I like that he had to go through several steps of ridiculous database hacking (that he learned how to do on the island), and even then they had to jump ahead to the end. Anyway, Kyle Reston's father, brother and mother are also involved.

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