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The Busted Flush Gang

So, real quick, that's only four people. You can't bring in the Royal Flush Gang and then have only four members. That's dumb. If you're not going to have five people, don't go with the reference to the Royal Flush Gang. Okay. Moving on.

Queen dining room. Oliver is a little late for the brunch, but he gets there. Carter Bowen calls him a "billionaire scion," which I mention because it's a fun phrase. And because I feel the need to remind you that these characters are literal billionaires. Carter is a neurosurgeon, but he has an agent who wants him to be "the next Dr. Oz." Oliver asks why he'd want to be a wizard, which is a less successful joke about Oliver not knowing the last five years of pop culture. Oliver says that instead of joining Q Consolidated, he's opening a nightclub. Everyone is shocked, even though it was front page news two episodes ago. Dig comes in with a fake message so he can whisper to Oliver that the bank was hit two minutes ago. Oliver leaves, distressing his mother.

In the foyer, Dig shows Oliver a map so they know where the water treatment tunnels come out. Moira comes out to complain about Oliver running out. He doesn't even try to act as he tells Moira, "Something's come up. I'm really sorry."

Now we skip ahead: There's a firefight in the water tunnels. The machine guns used by the Restons and the police don't hit anything, but Oliver has a net arrow! He shoots it at the duffel bag full of cash, and it gets stuck to the floor. That's more like it! We need more gimmicky arrows. He also neatly disarms a couple of Restons by shooting their guns. The gang runs and the cops come in. Oliver puts out the lights by shooting an electrical panel. Then he hides as the cope run past him.

Out in a field, the family Reston considers their situation. The last bank robbery ended with a shootout with the cops and also a murderous vigilante. The mother is the woman from the opening scene who talked to the cop. That's a twist that the show puts no effort into caring about. The parents want to quit the bank robbery business, but the two boys insist on continuing until they're "set for life." The father offers a compromise: one last job. No one suggests going to a city that isn't all on edge because of the presence of cop-shooting bank robbers. And the murderous vigilante alone would make me consider other locations.

Felicity Smoak uses a product-placed computer to look up Derek Reston (the father) for Oliver. Oliver has gotten her to do this by claiming that Derek was an old friend. So he has some sort of job at Q Consolidated, right? And also, he's a genius at using various databases but he can't access Facebook. Felicity says that Derek worked at the Queen Steel Factory for fifteen years. Oliver: "Derek Reston worked for my father?" Felicity: "You weren't really close friends, huh?" She's not buying his story at all, but she also doesn't seem to care that much. She's probably just happy to be getting screen time. The point is that Derek Reston got fired with no severance or pension. And he lost his home.

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