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The Busted Flush Gang

Arrowlair. Boy, there's a lot of water on the ground for a place with all those computers. Oliver's moping, so Dig tells him it wasn't his fault that Derek died. He also says that Oliver caring about people his father hurt would have honored his father, "So maybe there is more than one way to save this city." Oh, and police officer Stan Washington woke up. He'll be fine. Oliver doesn't seem to care, which I think is a nice touch.

Flashback! Oliver wakes up in the cave, but this time for real. The fire is dying down. He tears out a sheet from the notebook, but as he holds it over the fire, names appear in invisible ink. This is due to lemon juice, I believe. He finds this interesting. And he appears to fill with resolve as the page fills with letters.

Moira is pouring herself a drink at home when Oliver comes in. She's a little defensive about drinking, but I think if you have those cool cut-glass decanters, you're allowed to drink. She apologizes to Oliver for being mean to him just because she's lonely. She complains that she can no longer tell what Oliver's thinking. He says he misses her too. So they go to Big Belly Burger (or "that diner where Dig's sister-in-law works") so Moira can make a show about not wanting to eat with her hands. But it's a hamburger, so don't be dumb.

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