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Shot Dead

In the modern era, Oliver is okay! He pretty much springs to his feet and strolls away. I guess being shot by a poisoned bullet isn't as long-lasting a problem as you'd think.

Castle Queen, looking more Castle-y than ever. I don't think we've seen a full-length view of the front before. This thing is absolutely covered in crenellations. It'll be a shame if Oliver never gets to shoot through one of those arrow slits. Oliver asks Dig if his sister Thea is okay. It seems that she and some friends got drunk and broke into a store to try on dresses. Also last night, Oliver snuck away from Diggle claiming he had to pee. Dig's really bad at shadowing Oliver. So the point is that Moira is unhappy with Thea for breaking and entering. She sends her off to get ready for school, but Thea claims to be taking a sick day. She smugs her way past Oliver. Once Thea has left, Oliver tells Moira that Thea is testing her, and that when he was that age, he got away with murder and could have used more parenting.

Back to the rooftop pool. Officer Dad is investigating the scene because he doesn't buy the theory that the arrow-wielding vigilante (aside: I would like this show to hurry up and name him "Arrow"). Officer Dad feels that Holder was a scumbag and there was an arrow on the scene, but Holden died to a gun.

At the Arrowlair, Oliver does some science on the bloody bandages he took off his body. The blood turns blue, so he knows it was curare. And that's the killer's unique M.O. He's killed all over the world. Interpol's nickname: Deadshot. He's got no honor. No code. He doesn't kill for justice. He kills for money. As Oliver explains all this to us, we see that he's tattooing James Holder's name on his arm. That seems like the worst idea for a contract killer. As soon as someone sees you with your shirt off, you're immediately arrested for every single murder. Next to that, I can almost ignore how dumb it is to dip your bullets in curare.

Tommy and Oliver walk into the warehouse where the Arrowlair is stationed. Oliver explains that the plan is to make it a nightclub (not called "Queens," according to Tommy). Tommy thinks Oliver can't run things and would rather go out to a club to "Scope out the competition." But Oliver slept with the fiancée of the owner of the place Tommy suggests.

Hang on. It turns out I can't ignore the curare thing. Granted, curare is a deadly poison. But you know what's even more deadly? Being shot from a sniper rifle. And from what I understand, those bullets move pretty quickly as they fly through the air, so I'm kind of doubtful that any deadly poisons are going to stay put. And if they do, I bet they cause problems with the aerodynamics.

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