Lone Gunmen

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Shot Dead

Okay. Sorry. Tommy leaves. Dig says this neighborhood is the Glades, where the rich white guys do not normally go. And the locals would not get a penny. Oliver suggests that the club could gentrify the neighborhood, and Dig calls him out as trying to swoop in and save everyone.

Oliver voiceovers for the slow of mind: "The nightclub will conceal my base underneath and provide an alibi for where Oliver Queen spends his nights." I feel like we got that, thanks. We now see that an internet news source has the scoop: "Oliver Queen to open new hotspot in the Glades." Laurel Lance is checking up on her ex! Her coworker, who turns out to be named Joanna, comes up and busts her on clearly not being over Oliver, even though he cheated on her. She feels Laurel should move on, so they're going out tonight to have shots and dance with men they don't know! And she's not giving Laurel a choice.

Thea puts on a school uniform. Moira wants her to come straight home after school because she's grounded for two weeks for committing larceny. Thea is acting out in this episode, so she says Oliver's "judgmental hypocrisy" is rubbing off on her. Laurel refuses to be home by 4:00 and dares Moira to call the police.

Oliver walks past a guy with a shopping cart and remembers the events of the shooting at the beginning of the episode. Then he parkours up a building and uses a tool to get a bullet from the wall. Who shoots a wall? This suggests that the sniper was shooting entirely randomly.

Officer Dad learns that there were two 7.62 mm rounds, shot from at least a hundred yards away. And there was curare the victim's blood, so now there are arrows, sniper bullets, and poison. He agrees that the guy in the hood was there, but he doesn't think he killed him. He's off to get "my own evidence."

Hey, another quick thing about this "curare-tipped bullet" thing. Once you die, your heart stops beating, so you probably won't have time to get curare all through your bloodstream.

Oliver says the money trail goes back to the Bratva, which is the Russian mob. "Finally. Some good news." Eh?

Officer Dad studies the rooftop pool. He sees the obvious place the gun must have been fired from. Do the Starling City police not do any ballistics at all?

Oliver walks around town in a baseball cap before entering a door with Russian lettering. He tells the guys in the garage inside that he's looking for Alexi Leonov. They say he's not there. Oliver: "Not in your garage. In the basement underneath." This causes the men to attack him, but Oliver easily takes the pistol off him. He pulls down his shirt shows a chest tattoo. He claims to be Bratva. "Pleased to meet you."

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