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Shot Dead

So he also learned Russian. In addition to Chinese. And the parkour and the archery and the judo and whatever. This island sounds like a great place to learn things.

Oliver tells the Russians that he's a captain in the Bratva. He says he's in the market for a hired gun. Alexi denies knowing anything. But first, he wants to drink to their relationship. Oh, and he'll also confirm that Oliver is really a Bratva captain, which is a good idea.

More news: Someone named Carl Rasmussen was found dead. Deadshot continues to tattoo himself. There are other names on him including "Soze." Is this guy so tough that he killed Keyser Soze?!

Walter tells the cops that Carl was a titan. He was trying to purchase a company called Unidac, which is interesting because so was the first victim. And so is Walter! Walter says there are many prospective buyers. The cops are making the rounds and warning the prospective buyers. Moira is a jerk because she doesn't believe that Officer Dad has the Queens' best interests at heart. When they get around to hustling the cops out, Walter says Dig is taking the necessary precautions. He's in charge of all Queen Security in addition to constantly losing track of Oliver.

Dance music. Velvet rope. Oliver and Tommy are at that club they wanted to go to. Oliver says Dig can't come with him, but Tommy says he's good.

Oliver sees Laurel. Tommy harasses her. Laurel is snotty and judgmental at them. Man, everyone on this show is a jerk to everyone all the time. Well, Tommy's pretty cheerful. Thea staggers up so she can get in a scene with Oliver. Eventually, she tells Oliver that Tommy and Laurel have been screwing. Oliver says it's okay and grabs Thea. She shoves him off. "You're not my father and you're barely my brother."

The owner of the club now comes up. His name is "Max Fuller." He was happy that Oliver drowned. His thugs drag Oliver into the back and they start beating him up. Tommy says the thugs will have to go through him, then he realizes they're perfectly willing to do so. A fight! Mostly a beatdown by Fuller's people. Oliver's getting beat up pretty good, which means that he's probably tanking it. Then Laurel comes in and takes someone down. Max is peeved at them, so all three are banned and thrown out. Laurel explains that her "cop dad" made her take self-defense classes.

On the way out, Laurel tells Oliver they don't need her blessing and she doesn't need his forgiveness.

Flashback Oliver wakes up in a drippy cave. The Native Archer sleeps nearby. Oliver leaves and runs through the bushes in annoying shaky-cam POV. He staggers around and hears a trap. He's now in a net! One of those nets that hangs from trees, you know? Like in Return of the Jedi.

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